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The Mayor's Office is responsible for the creation, execution, and enforcement of City policies, a process that includes communicating administrative orders and information directly to departments. The Mayor's staff is responsible for keeping the Mayor informed about all intergovernmental issues, and assisting him in representing the City's interests in all matters.

The Mayor's Office Performs These Functions:

  • Serves as a resource for members of the public seeking assistance in housing, schools, employment, and all governmental services
  • Responds to citizen inquiries and concerns about all city services
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures to be followed by all those in City government
  • Plans and supervises the administration of executive functions including personnel and fiscal operations
  • Participates in the interview and hiring process of applicants at the managerial level
  • Acts as a liaison to other departments, agencies and all governmental entities
  • Aids the Communications Department in public relations duties
  • Assists in promoting economic development in the community
  • Coordinates meetings of municipal boards, committees, commissions and constituents
  • Organizes and sponsors diverse City-wide public events and celebrations throughout the year

The Mayor's Staff: