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Union Square Revitilaztion PlanThe Union Square Revitalization Plan (2012) is a 20-year plan outlining key actions to bring Union Square into the 21st century as a vibrant downtown area supporting commercial, residential, and civic goals through improvements to transit, infrastructure and public realm.

The plan was submitted to the Somerville Board of Aldermen on Thursday August 16, 2012 for their further review and approval. This planning tool, which has been successful in spurring the transformation of Assembly Square, is a necessary first step to providing both the transit and the transit-oriented development (TOD) that will revitalize the Union Square neighborhood.It also serves as an action plan for implementing specific planning goals, thereby encouraging the investment of state and federal funds towards reaching those goals. The chapters in the Plan are organized to follow the regulations set forth in Massachusetts General Law Chapter 121B. 

The proposals made in the Union Square Revitalization Plan have been informed by a shared consensus to bring rail transit to Union Square and two significant community processes undertaken in recent years. The first, from 2006-2009, is a comprehensive rezoning of Union Square resulting in the adoption of a new zoning ordinance.The second, from 2010-2012, included a diverse group of Somerville stakeholders led by a 60 member steering committee, met on over 50 occasions to develop and codify a vision as well as goals, policies, and actions for Somerville’s first comprehensive plan, known as the ”SomerVision Comprehensive Plan”. 

The Union Square Revitalization Plan is the first major planning effort developed on the foundation of SomerVision.  In addition to approval by the Board of Aldermen, there is a statutory requirement that the Planning Board make a finding that the plan is consistent with Comprehensive Plan of the City (grounds for these findings can be found in the appendix of the plan). 

Adopted, 2012 Union Square Revitalization Plan

Important Dates

November 19, 2012Commonwealth’s Department of Housing and Community Development approves 2012 USRP
October 2, 2012Board of Alderman approves 2012 USRP
September 25, 2012
Housing and Community Development Committee, Meeting of the Whole
September 19, 2012
Public Hearing
August 23, 2012
Planning Board makes findings consistent with City’s Comprehensive Plan
August 16, 2012
Plan submitted to Somerville Board of Aldermen
August 15, 2012
Plan submitted to Somerville Redevelopment Authority

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