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The idea of extending the Green Line to Somerville is by no means a new concept. As early as the 1920s the Metropolitan Planning Commission considered the possibility. Numerous studies promoted the plan over the next decades. In 1990, Massachusetts agreed to extend the Green Line to offset the pollution increase within Somerville caused by the Big Dig. Despite this legal commitment, however, the Green Line Extension project lagged far behind schedule, prompting the City of Somerville and the Conservation Law Foundation to file a lawsuit to keep the project moving. In 2006, this litigation, with the help of community support and advocacy groups such as Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP) and the Union Square Task Force, finally brought about a multi-million dollar state investment in the Green Line extension from Lechmere Station into Somerville and Medford.

Planning Process

Community involvement played a large role in the initiation of this project, and it will continue to be considered throughout the planning phases. A Public Advisory Group, consisting of representatives from Somerville, Medford, and Cambridge, provides guidance and input to the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works. These monthly meetings are open to the public. For more information, see the EOT's Green Line Extension link on the right.

Additionally, STEP is involved in ongoing advocacy throughout the planning process, ensuring that the extension will result in social equity, environmental health, and decreased population to improve the health of Somerville residents. For more information, see the link to the right.

Current Progress

The main line extending beyond the current Lechmere station will run along the Lowell commuter line right-of-way and continue into the City of Medford. A spur will follow the Fitchburg railway and end near Union Square. The main line will include at a minimum stops located at these locations:

  • Inner Belt/Brickbottom in the vicinity of Washington Street
  • Gilman Square near Pearl Street, Medford Street, and School Street
  • Lowell Street
  • Ball Square

Discussions are ongoing whether the terminus should be at Route 16 Mystic Valley Parkway in Somerville or at College Avenue in Medford. The extension is expected to be operational by the end of 2014. For more information, including an overview, maps, related documents, and a forum for electronic public input, see the EOT Green Line Extension link on the right.

City Presentations                                                   Public Correspondence

Green Line Extension Project:                               Greenline Maintenance Facility
Brickbottom District                                                  Joseph A. Curtatone
December 29, 2008                                                 December 9, 2008

Innerbelt / Brickbottom Planning                           Greenline Maintenance Facility
and Green Line Extension                                      Joseph A. Curtatone
Somerville Board of Aldermen                               September 12, 2008
October 2,  2008

Green Line Extension Project                                 Green Line Station Concepts
Somerville Board of Aldermen                                Monica R. Lamboy
September 17, 2008                                                 September 12, 2008

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