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The City of Somerville dedicates public squares to Somerville veterans who served the nation during a time of war, and to Somerville residents who made valuable and substantial contributions to the community.


The Somerville Square Dedication Program has been overwhelmed with dedication petitions recently. We're presently receiving an average of two requests each month-nearly ten times the volume of requests in past years. The demand for these dedications tells us that the public is pleased with the quality of the ceremonies we're providing. But to conduct these ceremonies professionally, we must schedule them at a reasonable pace.

Each dedication requires about three months of planning and coordination. Weather considerations, the availability of honor guards and veterans' services personnel, and the complex process of sign fabrication limit the number of dedications we can plan and perform at any given time. Somerville's veterans deserve to recognized, and we're proud to offer this service. If you apply for a dedication, however, it is important to realize that because of the number of dedications already pending, there may be a delay of a year or more between the approval of your request and the actual ceremony.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to e-mail me at Respectfully, Jay Weaver Director of Veterans’ Services


To be considered for a square dedication, the individual to be honored must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. The person to be honored must have been a legal resident of Somerville at the time of his or her military or civic service, and must have been a resident of the ward in which the dedication will occur.
  2. Veterans must have served honorably in the military during a time of war.

Civilians must have made a valuable and substantial contribution to the city in an official, civic, or social capacity. This contribution must go beyond normal civic participation in the affairs of the community. Examples of such service include: 

  • Service in public office
  • Service as a leader of an active organization of the community, which contributes to the social well-being and fabric of the neighborhood and the city
  • Meritorious and distinguished service as an employee of the city
  • Performance of a heroic or distinguished act completely without regard for personal safety or well-being 

Somerville Ordinance 2006-06 permits a living individual to be honored with a square dedication only by unanimous vote of the Veterans' Commission on Monuments, Memorials, and Dedications.         

Requesting a Square Dedication 

To request a square dedication for a VETERAN, download an application form by clicking here. Complete the form and submit it with the following documents to the address below:

  • DD Form 214 indicating an honorable discharge
  • At least one document or newspaper clipping indicating Somerville residence
  • Any available medal or award citations, newspaper accounts, or written descriptions that demonstrate heroism or exemplary military service 

To request a square dedication for a CIVILIAN, download an application form by clicking here. Complete the form and submit it with the following documents to the address below:

  • At least one document or newspaper clipping indicating Somerville residence
  • Public records, newspaper clippings, or other evidence of the contribution made by the individual to the city 

Mail the application and all supporting documents to:  

            ATTN: Square Dedications
            50 Evergreen Avenue
            Somerville, MA 02145 

The Approval Process for Square Dedications 

  1. The Department of Veterans' Services will review your application. You will be notified if additional information or documents are needed. 
  2. The Veterans' Commission on Monuments, Memorials, and Dedications will vote on your application at its next meeting. These meetings do not occur on any set schedule. Rather, a meeting will be scheduled whenever a sufficient number of applications have been received to justify a meeting. You may attend this meeting. If you are not present, you will be notified of the outcome of the vote. 
  3. If the commission approves your application, you will be asked to provide a $125 check to cover the cost of sign fabrication. Each sign must be custom-made by an outside vendor. 
  4. Fabrication generally takes four to six weeks. Once the sign has been made, a dedication ceremony will be scheduled with you and your family.