Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and the Somerville Arts Council Present ArtBeat Festival July 10-18

Join us from July 10-18 for a citywide ArtBeat

The festival is very much ON, albeit in a different form this year—over the course of 8 days, we’ll have some virtual performances as well as some safe real-life happenings, such as art installations popping up and poetry hitting the streets.

We believe art plays a more crucial role than ever, in promoting community, supporting our collective mental health, and providing a means for expression and protest. This year the festival theme is “Chance,” which explores all things fluky, unexpected and unplanned. The theme—and our beautiful graphic, designed by Paula Champagne—turned out to be more timely and poignant than we could have imagined.

Rolling out a detailed lineup below!


Date Time Location Performance
July 10 (All day) Online ArtBeat Crafts
July 10 (All day) Bike path Poetry on the Path, featuring Ross Gay 
July 10 (All day)   Groundworks Somerville: Chance to Rest Mural
July 10 (All day) Davis Square BLM Floral Installation
July 10 (All day) CVS Davis Square A Game of Chance: THE EXQUISITE CORPSE
July 10 (All day)   Flora & Fauna: Chance Chalk Challenge
July 10 8:00 PM   Kickoff Dance Party with Saucy Lady
July 11 (All day) Davis Square Poetry on the Path: Somerville Poets
July 11 (All day) Somerville Community Growing Center Pollination Is (a Game of) Chance
July 11 10:00 AM Native Pollinator Garden Take a Chance on Seeds with the Somerville Garden Club
July 11 8:00 PM   ArtBeat Takeover @ ONCE VV: New Aura, Grace Givertz, the Mystery
July 12 10:30 AM   By-Chance Concert with Phil Berman
July 12 2:00 PM Davis Square Chance for Change
July 13 (All day)   Poetry Readings through YouTube Playlist
July 13 12:00 PM   Street Dances
July 14 (All day)   Chance the Drummer (Marcus Santos!)
July 14 11:00 AM   Cartooning by Chance with Dan Moynihan: Choose Your Adventure!
July 14 8:00 PM   ArtBeat Takeover @ Burren Backroom: Danielle Miraglia
July 15 10:30 AM   Sock Monkey Circus with Honey Goodenough
July 15 12:00 PM   All We Have Left
July 15 8:00 PM   Amy Kucharik “99 Bottles” Crowdsourced Video
July 15 8:30 PM   [Blend]
July 16 11:00 AM   Somerville Storytellers w/ Somerville Public Library
July 16 6:00 PM   Redirect and Progress
July 16 7:00 PM   Aaron Emmanuel
July 16 8:00 PM   ArtBeat Takeover @ the Jungle: Optic Bloom
July 17 7:00 PM   Chance in Theater with [email protected]
July 18 12:00 PM Chuckie Harris Park Take a Chance on Seeds Part 2- July 18
July 18 8:00 PM   3NITY at Arts at the Armory