Proposed Changes to the Condominium Conversion Ordinance

The Administration and the City Council are undertaking a review of our condominium conversion ordinance. The Administration has submitted a new draft ordinance to the Council and the Legislative Matters committee has started the process of reviewing this draft during their meetings. This webpage will be regularly updated with revised drafts, meeting minutes and tools to assist in comparing the current ordinance with the proposed draft ordinance.


Public Hearing: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

Members of the public were invited to attend a public hearing hosted by the City Council to hear testimony on proposed changes to the City’s condo conversion ordinance. The changes are designed to both protect the rights of property owners while also offering better protection to tenants especially the elderly, persons with disabilities, and persons with low and moderate incomes. The hearing took place on Thursday, January 31, at 6 p.m., at Somerville City Hall on the 2nd Floor in the Council Chambers. All interested persons were offered a chance to provide testimony. A video recording of the meeting can be seen below, and the presentation slides are available at this link.