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  • Call 311 (617-666-3311 from outside of Somerville)
  • TTY/Hearing Impaired (only) dial 866-808-4851

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First Name Last Name Department Title Phone Number Phone Extension Contact Email
Emanuel Saez Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 2982 Send Email
Sheena Bonaventura Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Safety Inspector 617-625-6600 4307 Send Email
Iaritza Menjivar Arts Council Events Manager (617) 625-6600 2998 Send Email
Viola Augustin Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Senior PLanner (617) 625-6600 2520 Send Email
Makonnen Fenton Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2992 Send Email
Meredith Gamble C159 Deputy Director and Language Justice Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2623 Send Email
Parashu Phuyal C159 Nepali Services Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2610 Send Email
Beth Carr Traffic and Parking Senior Clerk (617) 625-6600 7900 Send Email
Eben Forbes Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Rental Assistance Temp 617-625-6600 781-789-6575 Send Email
Alexandra Kleyman Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Senior Transportation Planner (617) 625-6600 2540 Send Email
Maria Muti C159 Immigration Services Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2619 Send Email
Jacqueline Stagnari Traffic and Parking Project Analyst (617) 625-6600 7947 Send Email
Maria Holz Health and Human Services Home Visitor (617) 625-6600 2345 Send Email
Jay Hayden DPW - Water and Sewer Field Operations Manager (617) 625-6600 5854 Send Email
Thomas Joyce City Clerk Principal Clerk (617) 625-6600 4104 Send Email
Ali Belabdi Fire Department Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 8105 Send Email
James Wood DPW - Highway Waste Collection Inspector (617) 625-6600 5521 Send Email
Victoria Luis Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Senior Code Enforcement Inspector (617) 625-6600 4308 Send Email
Lisa Parziale Traffic and Parking Head Clerk (617) 625-6600 7920 Send Email
Kevin Roche DPW - Engineering Deputy Director of Engineering Services (617) 625-6600 5417 Send Email
Alexandra Fuentes Department of Public Works (DPW) Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 5112 Send Email
Sarbjeet Bedi Treasury Head Clerk (617) 625-6600 3518 Send Email
Joseph Salamone Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Local Building Inspector (617) 625-6600 5622 Send Email
Jessica Joshi-Musyaju Information Technology (IT) IT Helpdesk Administrator (617) 625-6600 3264 Send Email
Justin Schreiber Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) SeniorTransportation Planner (617) 625-6600 2508 Send Email
Rebecca Cooper SomerStat Digital Innovation Officer (617) 625-6600 2536 Send Email
Stephanie Hudson Parks and Recreation Pool Manager (617) 625-6600 6675 Send Email
Robert Cassano Capital Projects and Planning Project Manager- Capital Projects (617) 625-6600 5126 Send Email
Amber Rizzo Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Housing Compliance Program Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2579 Send Email
Zachary Avery Fire Department Fire Fighter (617) 625-6600 8100 Send Email
Ben Waldrip C409 Superintendent of Grounds (617) 625-6600 5210 Send Email
Joan Liddell Treasury Principal Clerk II (617) 625-6600 3520 Send Email
Nicholas Antanavica Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Superintendent of Inspectional Services (617) 625-6600 5610 Send Email
Lisa Gallagher Noonan Auditing Manager of Accounts Payable (617) 625-6600 3207 Send Email
Lydia Lopez Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Client Services Manager 617-625-6600 2582 Send Email
Fred Berman Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Deputy Director of Housing Stability 617-625-6600 2590 Send Email
Daniel Amelin DPW - Engineering Project Manager- Engineering (617) 625-6600 5424 Send Email
Sherice Haynes Constituent Services (311) Customer Service Representative (617) 625-6600 2163 Send Email
Jonathan Mancia Auditing Accounting Analyst (617) 625-6600 3213 Send Email
Sojourner Fletcher Libraries Business Librarian Tech2 (617) 625-6600 2915 Send Email
Dakota Politano Traffic and Parking Junior Clerk (617) 625-6600 7900 Send Email
Lisa Davidson Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Housing Grants Manager (617) 625-6600 2585 Send Email
Benjamin Martin City Cable Senior Program Manager (617) 625-6600 2604 Send Email
Sandra Wackman Procurement and Contracting Services (PCS) Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 3405 Send Email
Johnathan Tsirigotis Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2994 Send Email
Matthew Mitchell Health and Human Services Director of Prevention Services (617) 625-6600 2570 Send Email
Rita Jones Libraries Library First Assistant 617-623-5000 2970 Send Email
Ray Imperioso Libraries Library Tech3 617-623-5000 2900 Send Email
Patty Hall Libraries Library First Assistant 617-623-5000 2946 Send Email
Freweini Ghebremicael Libraries Library Technician 2 617-623-5000 2945 Send Email

Programs & Initiatives

An overview of how the budget process works and how it impacts residents and businesses in Somerville.
The City of Somerville has career opportunities for a diverse range of professionals and skill sets to reflect the culturally rich community we serve daily.

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