About Tuberculosis Testing

Tuberculosis (TB) testing is available by scheduling an appointment in advance at the City of Somerville Health Department. TB tests are often required prior to employment. Regular TB testing is a state mandate for many types of work (health care, homeless shelter services, correctional services, transportation services, etc.)

The fee is $20 per person.

What is TB Testing?

TB testing is a two-step process. First, a small amount of solution is placed under the skin. Then, 48-72 hours later, the test is "read" and recorded. 

What is TB?

TB is a bacterial disease that can cause serious and debilitating illness. Although it is typically known as a lung disease, it can also affect other parts of the body, such as the spine. A person is only contagious when they have active disease in the lungs. TB is treatable with a combination of medications taken over a period of months.

How do I get tested?

Please call the Health Department in advance to schedule an appointment for your Tuberculosis Testing.

The Health Department is located at City Hall Annex, 50 Evergreen Avenue (corner of Evergreen & Thurston Street, across from the Winter Hill School playgrounds). To schedule a group for testing, or for more information, please call the Public Health Nurse at 617-625-6600, ext. 4320.