Hurricane Relief: How Somerville Can Help Those in Need

In recent weeks, news of continued devastation from hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean has no doubt been on all of our minds. Many Somerville residents are looking for ways to help the victims of these disasters and their families. At this time, officials strongly recommend donating to reputable charitable organizations, which will ensure that necessary supplies reach residents of affected areas as quickly and effectively as possible. In the aftermath of severe natural disasters, coordinating and sorting through donated supplies may be more cumbersome.

Below is a listing of reputable charities providing relief for these disasters. This listing was sourced from, the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) 'Wise Giving Alliance' (WGA). The WGA reports on charities that are well-run, ethical, and effective, in accordance with their accreditation standards.

  • Hurricane Maria

  • Hurricane Irma

  • Hurricane Harvey