About the Somerville Commission for Women

Somerville Commission for WomenThe Somerville Commission for Women was created in March 1988 by City ordinance. The SCW’s bylaws state that the Commission’s purpose is “to act as a centralizing force in the City of Somerville to ensure the equal status of women in educational, economic, political, health, legal, and social spheres including the provision of information, referrals and guidance… [and] to take any action considered appropriate by the SCW to ensure the equal status of women of every race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin, ability, age and sexual orientation.” The committees are the heart of the Commission. Currently: Stopping the Violence, Public Relations, Employment and Empowerment. Commissioners serve on at least one committee.

The House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognized the Commission on its 10th anniversary for 10 years of outstanding service in advocacy for women, opposition to domestic violence and working for social justice.

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  • Kristen Strezo, Co-Chair
  • Cristina DeWeese,Co-Chair
  • Melissa Alfone
  • Daisy Monsalve
  • Kaitlyn Dmyterko
  • Patricha Paul 
  • Kat Rutkin
  • Stephanie Goodell
  • Maggie Norcross Devin
  • Holly Fox

Commissioners are women living in Somerville who volunteer for a three-year term and are appointed by the Mayor. They work with the Executive Director, decide on activities and projects the Commission will pursue and carry out those activities through committee work.

The Community Services Manager, appointed to the position of Executive Director by the Mayor, staffs the Commission. The Executive Director helps coordinates projects and events, represents the Commission on a variety of committees and task forces, and responds to inquiries from the community.

Volunteers serve on committees and provide essential assistance in organizing and staffing Commission events and activities.

Interns are recruited from local colleges and universities to assist the Executive Director and Commissioners.

The Work of the Commission

The Commission focuses on advocacy, education, and outreach in regards and on behalf of women.  The Commission has a special focus on anti-violence, financial literacy, empowerment, coalition building, and monitoring and supporting legislation.

The Work of the Commission's Staff, Interns, and Volunteers

The Executive Director of the SCW works part-time for the Commission and has an office within the Health and Human Services Department.




All Commission meetings are open to the public.

The full Commission meets on the Third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Cross Street Center (165 Broadway in Somerville). The meetings are wheelchair accessible.

We welcome your questions, comments, ideas and participation. If you would like more information or want to be on our mailing list, please contact us.


Annual Women's History Month Reception

List of Past Winners and Speakers (PDF)

Thumbnail of Somerville Women's History Award Winners and Event Speakers list

Cell Phone Drive to Benefit The Network/la Red

The LGBT Liaison and the Somerville Women’s Commission have an ongoing cell phone drive to benefit The Network/la Red. TNLR is an advocacy group for LGBTQ domestic violence victims. We were able to donate over 100 phones in 2012 and over 175 phones in 2013. Thank you for all your support and please keep them coming! The donation boxes are located at Somerville City Hall at 93 Highland Avenue and City Hall Annex at 50 Evergreen Avenue.

For more about The Network/la Red, visit http://tnlr.org.