Alderman William White
William A. White, Jr.





Finance (Chairman)

Land Use (Vice Chairman)

Public Utilities and Public Works (Chairman)

Senior Services (Chairman)

Rules (Special Committee, Chairman)

Email Address

[email protected]


125 Ten Hills Rd.
Somerville, MA 02145

Phone Number

(617) 625-9110



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    The main focus of the Public Health Nurses is communicable disease prevention and control. This is accomplished by being part of the Vaccine for Children Program (VFC) which provides mandated state vaccines to children entering the Somerville Public Schools, annual flu shot clinics throughout the city for both insured and uninsured children, adults and seniors, tetanus (Td) and Tdap vaccines for those who are in need of a booster, and by disease investigations and case management services. 

    The Public Health Nurses also provide tuberculosis (TB) testing for those who need a test done prior to starting a new job, school, etc. and offer both single and two-step testing.

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