Alderman Mark Niedergang
Mark Niedergang

Councilor, Ward 5




Legislative Matters (Chairperson)

Senior Services (Vice Chairperson)

Traffic and Parking (Chairperson)

Open Space, Environment, and Energy

Flood Forum (Special Committee, Vice Chairman)

Email Address

[email protected]


29 Conwell St.
Somerville, MA 02143

Phone Number

(617) 629-8033



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    The Mayor's Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) is entrusted with making nonpartisan and informed recommendations for appointments to critical boards and commissions that serve the community. The City will advertise and accept positions for board and commission seats as they become vacant. Members of the AAC reviews applications for relevant boards and commissions, then recommend finalists to the Mayor. The Mayor will make the final selection and submit the final candidate to the Board of Aldermen for confirmation as required by City Charter. Members will review applicants based on relevant qualifications and skills and their ability and commitment to represent and serve the interests of the entire community. Members are also required to uphold all equal opportunity standards.

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