SomerVision: Comprehensive 2010-2030 Plan

“SomerVision captures our best thinking on diversity, community, economy, accessibility, sustainability, and innovation and wraps it into one set of goals, policies and action steps that will guide decisions between now and 2030." – Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

Key goals of SomerVision include:

  • The creation of 30,000 new jobs
  • The construction of 6,000 housing units
  • The establishment of 125 acres of publically accessible open space
  • Goals related to transportation, development and preserving neighborhood character

As with any comprehensive plan, the community revisits SomerVision on a regular basis to assess progress and refine goals. As part of this ongoing process, the Planning Division established Somerville By Design to implement aspects of SomerVision and engage with residents.

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A broad goal outlined in SomerVision is to promote economic development while maintaining the unique character found Somerville’s squares and neighborhoods. To achieve this goal, the Planning Division established Somerville by Design. Through regular engagement with residents, Somerville by Design strives to conduct long-term planning within the spirit of SomerVision – guided by the values, aspirations, and tastes of the community. Somerville by Design often uses creative methods to spark inspiration, for instance, by creating temporary “pop-up” plazas with food trucks or holding outdoor walking meetings so residents can physically point to design attributes that work or don’t work in their neighborhood.

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SomerVision 6-Month Progress Reports