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Residents are advised to read the below procedures carefully.

The responsibility for keeping the community safe and our road and transportation network accessible during winter weather is shared by the City and its residents. We urge you to do your part for yourselves, your neighbors, individuals pushing strollers or using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, and pedestrians. Doing your part is the neighborly thing to do, it's the law, and it will help you avoid a fine for non-compliance. 

We do our part by following the City's snow removal and snow emergency policies, which are designed to clear streets quickly and effectively during a storm and to provide open, passable streets during and after the storm. 

 When Will a Snow Emergency Be Declared?  

 How will I Know a Snow Emergency has been declared?  

 Parking, Ticketing and Towing Rules During a Snow Emergency 

 Off-Street Parking Lots Open During a Snow Emergency 

Click here to view an interactive map of the off-street parking locations.

 Parking, Ticketing and Towing Rules After a Snow Emergency 

 Plowing Procedures 

 Homeowner's Responsibilities for sidewalks  

How do I participate in the council on aging's snow shoveling referral program?