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Latest Updates

Community Path Extension - Medford St. Detour Update 

The segment of the Community Path Extension between School St. and the Gilman Square Green Line station entrance at Medford St. is expected to open for all users on Saturday, September 30th, or soon after.  

This section of the path has been closed since May to accommodate safe construction of the new Somerville High School Phillip Reavis Field. 

Following the opening of this segment of the path, the current Medford St./School St. detour will remain in place for approximately one week to allow time for path users to adjust to the new condition.  

Once the detour is discontinued associated infrastructure (flex-posts, jersey barriers, etc.) will be removed from Medford St. and vehicle traffic on Medford St. between Walnut St. and Pearl St. will revert to two-way.  

The two-way bicycle lane on School St will remain, to provide a safe connection for people riding from the High School Phillip Reavis field and the community path to Gilman Square. 


Somerville Junction Park Construction and Temporary Rerouting

While phase 1 of construction at Somerville Junction Park is underway (September - December 2023), the Community Path Extension will remain open and be rerouted within the park site. 

City contractors will construct a temporary asphalt path the same width as the Community Path extension from Central Street to Brickbottom. The temporary path will meet ADA accessibility requirements. 

This temporary rerouting will allow work on the park to proceed while minimizing the impact on path users. The path will also remain accessible from the Woodbine/Centre St. entrance.

For more information on the temporary rerouting and Somerville Junction Park, please visit

Map showing the temporary path rerouting through Junction Park

Community Path Extension Opening on June 10: Info About Additional Lighting, the MBTA Lease Agreement, and Detours

The City of Somerville is thrilled to share that the long-awaited Somerville Community Path Extension will open on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The path will be accessible by 7 a.m. on Saturday. The City of Somerville is looking forward to celebrating this achievement with the community.  More details about a joint opening celebration with the Commonwealth, MBTA, and City will be shared soon. 

The City sent a separate celebratory announcement out jointly with the MBTA. This notice offers a few updates on lighting and a detour around the ongoing High School field construction.

The new segment of the off-street, multi-use Community Path will run from the current end of the path at Lowell Street, through Somerville Junction Park, and along the south side of the rail corridor to Cambridge Crossing. It is a key milestone in the efforts of community advocates and the City to enhance transportation equity, create more sustainable transportation options, and make Somerville a more walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly city.

Additional Lighting Installation

The City of Somerville is collaborating with an external consulting team to determine the best options for additional permanent lighting along the Community Path. This process is anticipated to be completed by the end of fall 2023.

While plans for permanent lighting are in development, City staff are currently working with the MBTA to determine the feasibility of temporary solar lights along the path, as well as traditional lighting options if there is not an adequate amount of sunlight along the route.

The timing of installation will depend on when the City receives the feasibility information from the MBTA.

Lease Agreement with MBTA

The Community Path Extension is located on MBTA-owned right-of-way but will be operated and maintained by the City of Somerville under a lease agreement. The historic Community Path between Davis Square and Lowell Street operates under a similar framework.

Temporary Detour (Community Path – School Street to Medford Street)

One short segment of the Community Path Extension is expected to open on a later schedule and a detour will be in place until that time. The stretch of the path between School Street and the Gilman Square T-Stop entrance at Medford Street will be closed to all users to accommodate safe construction of the new Somerville High School Phillip Reavis Field. This section of the path is currently expected to open in fall of 2023.

The detour consists of a protected, two-way bike lane along School Street and Medford Street, providing a safe, efficient route that reconnects users with the Community Path. To facilitate safety on the detour, Medford Street will be closed to westbound vehicle traffic from Walnut Street  

To learn more about the path, visit and through other City information channels.  


Persons with disabilities who need auxiliary aids and services for effective communication (i.e., CART, ASL), written materials in alternative formats, or reasonable modifications in policies and procedures in order to access the programs, activities, and meetings of the City of Somerville should please contact Adrienne Pomeroy at 617-625-6600 x 2059 or


Older Updates

Following the opening of the Community Path Extension (latest target from the MBTA is mid-June), the segment of the path between School St. and the Gilman Square Green Line station entrance at Medford St. will remain closed to all users to accommodate safe construction of the new Somerville High School Phillip Reavis Field. 

To provide a safe and accessible route that reconnects users with the community path, City contractors and Department of Public Works staff will install temporary two-way protected bike lanes along School St. and Medford St.

These detours are expected to be in place until fall 2023. 

Medford St. Westbound Vehicle Traffic Detour

Starting as early as Thursday 5/25, westbound vehicle traffic on Medford St. between Walnut St. and Pearl St. will be detoured to facilitate installation and use of these temporary bike lanes.

Westbound traffic will be directed north on Walnut St. and west on Pearl St. before reconnecting with Medford St.

Eastbound travel on Medford St. will be maintained as usual. 

Detour will be in place 24/7.


Somerville to Celebrate Green Line Extension Opening With Events on 12/12 & 12/17 (Updated Friday, December 9)

The MBTA has announced that passenger service on the Medford Branch of the Green Line Extension is scheduled to begin on Monday, December 12, 2022.  

The Medford Branch includes East Somerville, Gilman Sq., Magoun Sq., Ball Sq., and Medford/Tufts stations. All of which are scheduled to open on the 12th. 

For more information on the final phases of construction, visit the MassDOT GLX project page.

The City will share the final Community Path Extension opening date here and through other City channels once the MBTA announces it. 

If you have questions about these detours, please email or call the Engineering Division at 617-625-6600 ext. 5400.

The MBTA recently provided an updated approximate target for completion of mid-June, 2023. 

While some portions of the path appear complete, the path is not considered safe or accessible yet. MBTA contractors, GLX-Constructors are finishing final construction punch-list items like installing fencing and guardrails, adjusting pavement grades for proper drainage, and installing final electrical equipment for lighting and emergency call boxes. (Updated Monday, May 1)

Green Line Extension Contractors are working through final station and community path extension construction items, with the community path extension most recently projected to open in Spring 2023. (Updated Friday, February 17) 

The MBTA Board of Directors shared updates on the Community Path Extension at their January 26th meeting, including the projected Spring 2023 opening date. The full meeting is available here: The GLX Community Path update begins at the 2:18:28 mark.