Coordinator will Advise City Staff on Policies and Procedures, Work with Disabilities Commission,City Engineer to Devise 10-Year Strategic Plan to Address Accessibility and Transparency

- Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced today that the City of Somerville is
currently seeking candidates to fill the position of Disability Coordinator
within the Executive Office.  The
Coordinator is responsible, in conjunction with the Disability Commission, for
advising the City on policies and procedures relating to disabilities and
access issues, while providing technical assistance to the City regarding compliance
with state and federal disabilities laws, including the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA).  As the City
works to upgrade and implement a 10-year Transition Plan which will advise City
staff on necessary alternations and improvements to municipal buildings in
order to continue to adhere to ADA regulations, the Coordinator will also work
with the City Engineer to refine the plan and manage community outreach on
disabilities policy. Candidates are being sought for a proposed January 2013

remain committed to ensuring that Somerville is a great - and safe - place to
live, work, play and raise a family for all
residents, and that includes our continued commitment to ADA issues, from
compliance within municipal facilities to pedestrian safety standards -  and to everything in between," said Mayor
Curtatone.  "This ADA Coordinator will
help to implement and upgrade several important programs and policies,
including an Evaluation and Transition Plan for City programs and services, and
renewed recruitment for the City's Disabilities Commission as part of a larger
recruitment process for all boards and commissions.  We anticipate filling the position by the
beginning of the new year, which will help lay the groundwork for initial
action steps in Spring 2013."

Coordinator will work to create and implement a Self-Evaluation and Transition
Plan that complies with the requirements of the original 1990 (ADA including
modifications made by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.  The Plan will also incorporate project goals
including an evaluation of City programs and services to determine ADA
compliance, and an evaluation of City facilities, including right-of-ways,
buildings, playgrounds and pedestrian facilities.