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  • Call 311 (617-666-3311 from outside of Somerville)
  • TTY/Hearing Impaired (only) dial 866-808-4851

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First Name Last Name Sort descending Department Title Phone Number Phone Extension Contact Email
Laura Accaputo Traffic and Parking Administrative Assistant 617-666-3311 7904 send Email
Nick Alakel Communications Construction Public Information Officer (617) 625-6600 2614 send Email
Kimberly Albino Treasury Principal Clerk (617) 625-6600 3520 send Email
Blanca Alcaraz Fire Department Lieutenant 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Angela Allen Purchasing Purchasing Director 617-625-6600 3410 send Email
Waleska Alves Personnel Talent Acquisition Manager (617) 625-6600 3304 send Email
Suzana Amatya Treasury Intern 617-625-6600 3500 send Email
Daniel Amelin DPW - Engineering Project Manager- Engineering (617) 625-6600 5424 send Email
Lee Anderson Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Code Enforcement Inspector (617) 625-6600 4336 send Email
Terrence Andrew-Blondin Fire Department Intern (617) 625-6600 8103 send Email
Jean Angiulo C450 Water/Sewer Systems Analyst (617) 666-3311 5825 send Email
Anthony Angiulo Jr DPW - Buildings and Grounds Day Supervisor of Custodians & Maintenance 617-625-6600 5230 send Email
Nicholas Antanavica Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Superintendent of Inspectional Services (617) 625-6600 5610 send Email
Michael Anzalone Fire Department Deputy Chief 617-625-1700 8354 send Email
Megan Arruda Elections Senior Clerk 617-625-6600 4205 send Email
Viola Augustin Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Senior PLanner (617) 625-6600 2520 send Email
Michael Avery Fire Department Deputy Chief 617-625-1700 8100 send Email
Zachary Avery C450 Water Meter Reader (617) 625-6600 5855 send Email
Amiri Ayanna Constituent Services (311) Customer Experience Manager (617) 625-6600 2183 send Email
Nancy Bacci Health and Human Services Deputy Director of Health & Human Services 617-625-6600 2250 send Email
Elisabete Baker Constituent Services (311) Solutions Architect (617) 625-6600 2167 send Email
Timothy Bakey Fire Department Fire Captain 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Frank Bakey Constituent Services (311) Customer Service Representative 617-625-1600 7000 send Email
Heather Balchunas Arts Council Office Manager 617-625-6600 2996 send Email
Katjana Ballantyne Mayor's Office Mayor (617) 625-6600 2100 send Email
rbiereJeffrey Barbiere DPW - Highway Superintendent of Highway/Lights and Lines (617) 625-6600 5510 send Email
Al Bargoot Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Building Inspector 617-666-3311 5616 send Email
Lucy Barrows Health and Human Services Admin Assistant 617-625-6600 4324 send Email
Patrick Barry Fire Department Fire Fighter 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Daniel Bartman Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Deputy Director of Planning & Zoning 617-625-6600 2543 send Email
Maureen Bastardi Council on Aging Program Coordinator 617-625-6600 2335 send Email
Lori Batzek City Clerk Administrative Assistant 617-666-3311 4108 send Email
Edward Bean Auditing Director of Finance Auditor 617-625-6600 3210 send Email
Sarbjeet Bedi Treasury Principal Clerk (617) 625-6600 3518 send Email
Navnit Bedi Purchasing Principal Clerk (617) 625-6600 3408 send Email
Ali Belabdi Communications Principal Clerk (617) 625-6600 2600 send Email
Stephen Belski Fire Department Lieutenant 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Tonya Berenson Health and Human Services Contact Tracing Team (617) 625-6600 send Email
Fred Berman Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Deputy Director of Housing Stability (617) 625-6600 2590 send Email
Juliana Bertoldo C159 19 Recovery Needs Assessment Worker (617) 625-6600 2600 send Email
William Blackmer Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Workforce Development Coordinator (617) 625-6600 2500 send Email
Christine Blais Office of Sustainability and Environment Director Office of Sustainability and Environment 617-625-6600 2422 send Email
Benjamin Bloomenthal Department of Public Works (DPW) Director of Administration & Finance (617) 625-6600 5107 send Email
Sheena Bonaventura Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Safety Inspector 617-625-6600 4307 send Email
Vanessa Boukili Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Urban Forestry & Landscape Planner 617-625-6600 2516 send Email
Michael Bowler DPW - Buildings and Grounds Facilities Supervisor (617) 666-3311 5215 send Email
Michelle Bowler Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Chief Code Enforcement Inspector 617-666-3311 4303 send Email
Todd Breen C229 Fire Alarm Operator (617) 625-1700 8300 send Email
Scott Breen C229 Fire Alarm Operator (617) 625-1700 8300 send Email
Charles Breen Fire Department Fire Chief 617-623-1700 8110 send Email

Programs & Initiatives

MWRA and the Cities of Cambridge and Somerville have implemented a system for rapid reporting of CSO discharges to the Alewife Brook.
Get your flu shot and updated COVID-19 booster at a City of Somerville clinic this fall. Both are strongly recommended to protect yourself and others from serious illness.

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