City Clerk

The City Clerk is the keeper of all City records, statistics, business licenses, business permits, legislative acts, and other vital documents. In addition, the City Clerk supports the City Council with meeting preparation, internal communication, license and permit processing, and document management.

  • Permits & Records

  • Forms & Information

  • Rules & Ordinances

  • City Council Meetings

  • Marriage & Domestic Partnership

  • Pay or Appeal a Non-Criminal Ticket

Application for Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals Approval
Auctioneer License Application
Automatic Amusement License Application
Billiards and Bowling License Application
Birth Certificate Request Form
Board of Health Records - Finding Aid
Bottle Redemption Center License Application
Bus Route License Application
Business Certificate (DBA) Form
Certificate of Good Standing
City Clerk Schedule of Fees
Closing Out Sale License Application
Constable License Application
Death Certificate Request Form
Digital Preservation Policy
Dog Kennel License Application
Dog License Application
Domestic Partnership - Certificate Request Form
Domestic Partnership - How to Register a Partnership
Domestic Partnership - Registration Form
Domestic Partnership - Termination Statement
Drain Layer License Application
Filing a Notice of Claim Against the City
Flammables License Application
Fortune Teller License Application
Garage License Application
Grant of Location License Application
Hawker Peddler License Application
Junk Dealer License Application
Justices of the Peace
List of City Government Officials
Livery License Application
Lodging House License Application
Marriage Certificate Request Form
Marriage License - Apply to Be Married
Miscellaneous License Application
Mobile Food Vendor License Application
Newsrack License Application
Open Air Vendor License Application
Optometrist Registration Application
Osteopath Registration Application
Outdoor Parking License Application
Outdoor Seating and Goods License Application
Physician Registration Application
Podiatrist Registration Application
Public Event License Application
Raffle and Bazaar License Application
Raffle and Bazaar Regulations
Records Retention Schedule
Rules of the City Council


View the City of Somerville Library at to explore:

Visit the City of Somerville's Legislative Meeting Portal to:

  • See a calendar of City Council and committee meetings
  • Download meeting agendas and minutes
  • Stream meetings live or from our archives
  • And more

The City Clerk's Office processes noncriminal tickets written by such agencies as the Inspectional Services Department, the Police Department, and the Department of Public Works. Any tickets issued for parking violations must be paid through the Traffic and Parking Department, not on this page.

If you receive a non-criminal ticket, you can pay it online or through the mail. If you believe the ticket was issued in error, you can appeal it online or through the mail. If you don't pay the fine or appeal the ticket, you will not be able to receive a Certificate of Good Standing from the City, which is needed to receive a municipal license or permit. You will also be subject to a Demand Fee, and the City may issue a lien on your property to recover any unpaid amounts. 

See below for more information on paying or appealing your ticket. If you have any questions, call the City Clerk's Office at 617-625-6600 extension 4100.

Please note that once your ticket is paid, you cannot request a refund or appeal.

Online: Pay non-criminal tickets online with our City Hall Systems Portal. In order to pay online, you will need the following information from the ticket:

  • Control Number
  • Name of Offender

You can pay by e-check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

By Mail: You can pay by mail using a check or money order. Make checks payable to the City of Somerville and include the Control Number in the memo field. Mail payments to:

Non-Criminal Tickets
City of Somerville
City Clerk's Office
93 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA 02143

If you wish to appeal a ticket, you must submit your request within 21 days of the date the ticket was issued. Do not pay the ticket if you wish to appeal it. Once a ticket is paid, you can no longer appeal it.

To begin the appeal process, choose from one of the options below.

Municipal hearings are typically scheduled on Wednesday evenings. If you cannot attend a scheduled hearing, you must notify the City before your hearing date to reschedule. You may only reschedule a hearing once. To reschedule, call 311 or the City Clerk’s Office. If you do not attend your scheduled hearing and fail to reschedule, you will be found responsible and will not be able to submit further appeals.

Online: You can appeal a ticket through our City Hall Systems portal. In order to appeal online, you will need the following information from the ticket:

  • Control Number
  • Name of Offender

You will also have the opportunity to provide a brief explanation to support your appeal. You can upload up to 3 documents that support your appeal.

By Mail: You can schedule a hearing by mail. On your ticket, select the box labeled “I choose to contest this matter...” and mail it to the City Clerk’s Office at the address below. Include an explanation of why you should not be found responsible and include documents or photos to support your claim. If you provide an explanation, the Municipal Hearing Officer will review it and either abate the ticket or schedule a hearing so you have the opportunity to present your case directly. Be sure to include the control number and name of the offender on your ticket.

City of Somerville
City Clerk’s Office
93 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

By Phone: You can schedule a hearing by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 617-625-6600 x4100. Please have the Control Number or ticket location ready.

Find out how to pay or appeal parking tickets at