About Elections

The Elections Department manages and conducts all aspects of the voting process for municipal, state and federal elections within the City; administers the annual City Census by mass mailing to residents; and maintains a collection of public records including campaign finance reports and financial interest statements.

The Elections Department conducts elections, oversees the collections of census data and maintains a collection of public records including voter and resident lists, campaign finance records and election results. Elections are carried out by:

  • Distributing and administering nomination papers, and initiative petitions of candidates
  • Certifying signatures
  • Preparing ballots
  • Staffing polling locations
  • Maintain voting machines
  • Training all poll workers;
  • Conducting an orderly voting procedure
  • Tabulation of votes
  • and publishing official results of all elections.

The Commission also administers the annual City Census by way of mass mailing to the City's residents, keying in the returns and enforcing compliance. Our census information is used by the Assessing Department, Treasury Department, School Department, the Council on Aging, Police Department, Law Department, DPW, Personnel Department, SomerStat, OSPCD, Inspectional Services and the State Jury Commission.

The Election Department provides a variety of supplemental services to assist residents. We offer proof of residency for tax abatement; welcome home bonuses for veterans in the Armed Forces of the United States; proof of citizenship; and life certificates for pension renewals. The Department also holds for the Ethics Commission any Statements of Financial Interest filed by local elected officials and designated City employees.

  • Voting

  • Annual City Census

  • Campaigns & Elections

  • Forms & Information

  • Register to Vote

    Register to vote online or by mailing in a registration. To register to vote in Somerville you must be a U.S. citizen, a Somerville resident, and at least 18 years old on or before the next election.

  • Where Do I Vote?

    Enter your address to find your polling place, trash pickup day, street sweeping schedule, ward and precinct, and elected officials.

  • Early Voting

    Skip the lines on Election Day and vote early at Somerville City Hall!

  • Sample Ballots

    See what the ballot will look like in the upcoming election.

  • Ward and Precinct Map

    This map of Somerville shows the boundaries of each Ward and Precinct in the City.

  • Mail-in Voter Registration

    You can use this form to: register to vote in Massachusetts; and/or change your name or address for voter registration only; and/or join a party, change from one party to another or leave a party. To register to vote in Massachusetts you must be a U.S. citizen, a Massachusetts resident, and be at least 18 years old on or before the next election. (English / Español / Zhōngwén)

  • Vote by Mail

    In July, a new law was passed in response to COVID-19 allowing all registered voters in Massachusetts to vote by mail in any 2020 election, with no excuse needed.

  • Absentee Ballot Application & Info

    An absentee voter is a registered voter who will be unable to vote at the polls on election day due to: (1) absence from their city or town during normal polling hours; or (2) physical disability preventing them from going to the polling place; or (3) religious belief; OR A non-registered voter who is: (1) a Massachusetts citizen absent from the state; or (2) an active member of the armed forces or merchant marines, their spouse or dependent; or (3) a person confined in a correctional facility or a jail, except if by reason of felony conviction. Absentee ballot applications are available online. (English / Español)

  • Your Government

    Not sure how Somerville's government is organized? Want to know what elected officials you'll be casting your vote for? Explore the Your Government tab on the top menu of the website to learn more.

  • Secretary of the Commonwealth

    The Secretary of the Commonwealth's website includes Massachusetts' online voter registration system, information on statewide elections and ballot questions, and more.


For your convenience, you can choose to return your annual census form by mail, email, or fax, or in person:

Mail: Somerville Election Department, 93 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02143
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (617) 625-5643
In Person: