About the City Council

The City Council is the City’s legislative branch. Members are elected every two years on the odd-numbered years. Four members serve at large, and seven members represent individual wards. The Council passes ordinances on a broad range of issues, from setting zoning laws to creating boards and commissions. It also has the power to approve or disapprove the Mayor's budget appropriations.

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Somerville City Council of 2020 with Mayor Curtatone

Councilor Kristen StrezoAbove: The Somerville City Council with Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone in January 2020. Note: In May 2020, Councilor Kristen Strezo (pictured right) replaced former Councilor Stephanie Hirsch (bottom left). 

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Matthew McLaughlin President and Ward 1 Councilor
Mary Jo Rossetti Vice President and Councilor-at-Large
Kristen Strezo At-Large
Wilfred N. Mbah At-Large
Mary Jo Rossetti At-Large
William A. White Jr. At-Large
Matthew McLaughlin Ward 1
Jefferson Thomas (“J.T.”) Scott Ward 2
Ben Ewen-Campen Ward 3
Jesse Clingan Ward 4
Mark Niedergang Ward 5
Lance Davis Ward 6
Katjana Ballantyne Ward 7


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Standing Committees Special Committees Commissions


Standing Committees

Confirmation of Appointments and Personnel Matters Mary Jo Rossetti J.T. Scott, Wilfred Mbah, Jesse Clingan, Kristen Strezo
Equity, Gender, Families, and Vulnerable Populations Wilfred Mbah, Katjana Ballantyne, Kristen Strezo
Finance J.T. Scott, Katjana Ballantyne, William White, Mary Jo Rossetti, Wilfred Mbah
Housing and Community Development Kristen Strezo, Ben Ewen-Campen, Wilfred Mbah
Land Use Ben Ewen-Campen, Lance Davis, William White, Matthew McLaughlin, Mark Niedergang
Legislative Matters Lance Davis, Mark Niedergang, Ben Ewen-Campen, Matthew McLaughlin, Jesse Clingan
Licenses and Permits William White, Wilfred Mbah, J.T. Scott
Open Space, Environment, and Energy Katjana Ballantyne,Wilfred Mbah, Ben Ewen-Campen, J.T. Scott, William White
Public Health and Public Safety Lance Davis, Jesse Clingan, Matthew McLaughlin
Public Utilities and Public Works Jesse Clingan,William White, Katjana Ballantyne
Traffic and Parking Mark Niedergang, Jesse Clingan, Katjana Ballantyne

Special Committees

Flood Forum Katjana Ballantyne, Mark Niedergang, Kristen Strezo
Rodent Issues Ben Ewen-Campen, Matthew McLaughlin, Mary Jo Rossetti
Rules William White, Mary Jo Rossetti, Lance Davis

Commissions and Committees

Affordable Housing Trust Kristen Strezo
Bicycle Advisory Committee Katjana Ballantyne
Charter Review Committee William White
Community Cabinet Kristen Strezo
Complete Count Committee Katjana Ballantyne
Dedication Steering Committee Jesse Clingan
High School Building Committee Mary Jo Rossetti
Memorialization Committee Wilfred Mbah
Minimum Mixed Use Ratio Working Group William White, Katjana Ballantyne
Municipal Building Master Plan Working Group Mark Niedergang
Municipal Job Creation and Retention Trust Fund Jesse Clingan
Office of Housing Stability Advisory Board Ben Ewen-Campen
Parking Study Working Group Wilfred Mbah, Mark Niedergang
Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee Katjana Ballantyne
Somerville Redevelopment Authority Ben Ewen-Campen
Somerpromise Advisory Board Kristen Strezo
Traffic Commission Mark Niedergang
Wage Theft Advisory Committee Jesse Clingan



2010–Present Day

View City Councilor and Committee meeting minutes from 2010 to the present day on the City's Legislative Meeting Portal.


View City Council (formerly the Board of Aldermen) meeting minutes from 1872 to 2020 as annual PDFs in our archive.