Community Garden Coordinator Sought

The City of Somerville has an opening for our citywide Community Garden Coordinator position. In this role, you will be the liaison between each of the 11 Community Gardens and the City. The role receives a $500 annual stipend paid quarterly. 

Full responsibilities include:

  • Maintain the application, waitlist, and renewal processes with assistance from the Conservation Agent
  • Support Garden Coordinators as appropriate, for example by assisting with the infraction process, performing spot-checks for maintenance at gardens, and assisting with communications with city staff as necessary
  • Attend Spring and Fall cleanup events at gardens, when possible
  • Send out online season summary form to garden coordinators and report to the Conservation Commission regarding feedback

If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to contact:

Malik Drayton
Conservation Agent, Deputy Tree Warden
617-625-6600 c2514

Please spread the word to fellow Somerville Garden Enthusiast who may be interested.