Important Information About Playing Field at Lincoln Park for February & March 2020

In an effort to protect the natural grass field at Lincoln Park and prolong longevity for spring use, a temporary fence will be installed along the perimeter of the playing field from early February 2020 until approximately mid-April 2020 (weather permitting).  It is imperative we give the field time to freeze and thaw in an undisturbed manner so that the field will be available for use by our many local organizations as well as the community at large. Failure to appropriately allow for freezing and thawing could result in limited playing time and damage to the field such as irreparable root, foliar, and structural damage to the turf as well as disturb the structural integrity of the newly installed and graded field. 

This temporary fence will allow us to limit the use as well as promote root and plant health during a vulnerable and essential establishment period each year.  Lincoln Park is heavily used by students at the Argenziano School during recess and gym classes, as well as permitted users like SYSL, and has regular foot traffic at all times of day. This temporary fencing will allow us to protect our field, and help ensure a safer healthier surface come April.  The field at Lincoln Park will remain closed until April (weather permitting). We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and support in this matter.  We at Somerville Parks and Recreation understand the frustrations in closing one of our few green spaces; however, this effort is essential to have a more sustainable field for all users in the spring, summer, and fall. 
Thank you for your understanding,
Somerville Parks and Recreation