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Comprised of residents, business owners, City staff, Technical Advisory Group to help select community partner for PHCS reuse

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and
the City of Somerville has formed a Technical Advisory Committee Powder House
Community School to review responses to the City's Request for Proposals (RFP)
seeking partners to reuse and/or redevelop the former K-12 public school site. The
site includes an 87,599-square-foot parcel with an existing 80,857-square-foot
building that can be retained or demolished.

The Advisory
Committee will be tasked with reviewing the six proposals submitted and with
recommending a partner for the City based upon specific criteria. The Technical
Advisory Committee will seek a partner that can meet the objectives of the
neighborhood, as developed through a two-year public process.  The team will also be scored on criteria that
include the experience of the development team in developing the project and
leading a community design process, the long-term economic impact of the
proposal, as well as the price offered for the property.   

The Focus Group will consist of three Aldermen, a
representative from the Somerville School Committee, a local business owner,
six neighborhood residents, three City staff members, and one nonvoting
participant who is also on City staff. The members of the group are:

  • Alderman Bob Trane, Ward 7

  • Alderman-at-Large Jack Connolly

  • Alderman-at-Large Dennis Sullivan

  • School Committee Chairperson Mary Jo Rossetti

  • Business owner Connor Brenan of PJ Ryan's Pub

  • Somerville

    • Sean Becker

    • Frances Fisher

    • Brian Harris

    • Jim Monagle

    • Mike Panis

    • Alex Pitkin

    • Richard Shortt

  • Somerville
    City staff:

    • George Proakis, OSPCD, Director of Planning and

    • Stephen Houdlette, OSPCD, Economic Development

    • Luisa Oliveira, OSPCD, Senior Planner for
      Landscape Design

    • Angela Allen, Purchasing Director (nonvoting member)

"The Powder House
Community School
was a valuable and beloved community resource for many years, and its potential
reuse or redevelopment should and will be considered as a community effort,"
said Mayor Curtatone. "Prior to the request for proposals, the City consulted a
large, representative base of Ward 7 constituents, learning about wants and
preferences for the site and surrounding neighborhood. We look forward to
bringing those ideas to the table during the review process, ultimately
determining a community partner that will help bring these ideas to fruition."

According to the request for proposals criteria, a minimum
of 40 percent of the site must remain public open space, and the pedestrian
route from Broadway to Holland St.
must be preserved, enhanced, and maintained by the community partner.

For more information on the Powder House Community School project or focus group, please contact OSPCD at 617-625-6600 ext 2500.



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