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New Passenger Drop-Off, Pickup Zones Established in Davis Square

SOMERVILLE – In an effort to increase safety in one of Somerville’s busiest areas, new street signs are up and five spaces across Davis Square are now designated as passenger drop-off and pickup only zones. The pickup and drop-off zones are open to all users including the public, taxis, and rideshare services. Parking and idling more than five minutes in the designated zones are prohibited. The spaces are located at:

  • Holland St. (near Statue Park across from the T)
  • 414 Highland Ave. (in front of Davis Square nails)
  • 212 Elm St. (3 spots in front of Citizens Bank)

The Holland St. and Highland Ave. spaces will remain loading zones during the day and become drop-off and pickup zones from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. The three spaces in front of Citizens Bank, which were formerly 15-minute parking spaces, will be drop-off and pickup at all times. 

“Davis Square is a food and entertainment destination, a public transit hub, a key node on the community path, and a pedestrian center offering numerous services. The square is particularly popular on weekend evenings, but that brings with it increased vehicle traffic and double-parking,” said Mayor Joseph Curtatone. “By establishing designated drop-off and pickup zones open to everyone, we’re hoping to reduce double-parking and improve safety for all.”

A preliminary study conducted in August noted 12 instances of double-parking in traffic lanes in the area near the Citizens Bank on Elm St. in just two hours on a Friday night. The City will continue to monitor the area, collect data, and adjust the plan as needed. While piloting the rollout of drop-off and pickup zones in Davis Square, the City will also be assessing how effective similar plans would be in other areas of the city.

The proposal for the Davis Square zones passed the Traffic Commission in November, and the signs were installed in December.

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