Update: Somerville Police Capture Federal Prison Escapee


(1/15/17 - 4:17 p.m.)

The suspect in this morning’s attempted robbery in Cambridge, and a subsequent attempted robbery in Somerville this afternoon, has been captured by Somerville Police. Police have confirmed that the suspect in custody is James Morales, the subject of a Mass. State Police manhunt over the past several days.

We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation as this situation unfolded today.


Police are encouraging Somerville and Cambridge community members to be on alert for a federal prisoner, James Morales, who escaped federal custody over the weekend and may have been involved in an attempted robbery in Inman Square in Cambridge late this morning. Morales is known to have ties to this area, and police are taking all precautions and actions to assist Massachusetts State Police in the search for Morales. While there is currently no indication of an immediate threat to Somerville residents, please be reminded that Morales may be armed and is considered dangerous, and if you believe you have seen him you should call 911 immediately.

Morales is a 6’ tall black male, weighing approximately 175 pounds, and has a mustache and a large eagle tattoo on his neck (photos below).

As a precaution ONLY, outdoor recesses in all Somerville schools have been canceled today, and there will be an increased police presence throughout the City, particularly surrounding schools.

Again, if you believe you have seen or may know Morales’ whereabouts, call 911 immediately.



Photo of escapee James Morales, a 6', 175 pound black male with a tattoo on his neck. Last seen with a bald head and mustache.