This Winter Season: Park on the Odd Side of the Road During Snow Emergencies

During snow emergencies this winter, residents must park on the ODD side of the road only, unless otherwise posted. Residents encouraged to sign up for City alerts in advance.

As snow season approaches, the City of Somerville reminds all residents that for winter season 2019-2020, the side of the street where snow emergency parking is allowed will change to the odd side. 

In 2015, the City instituted an annually-alternating parking policy for snow emergencies, using odd-side-only parking for winter seasons that begin in an odd year and even-side-only parking for winter seasons that begin in an even year. Winter seasons begin in November and run until May of the following calendar year.

The City’s existing snow removal policy dictates that residents may park only on one designated side of the street during snow emergencies (unless otherwise posted), as plows push snow to the curb on the other side of the street. Any exceptions for designated streets will be posted with official roadside signage. For example, roads that have parking only on the even-numbered side of the street year-round will also park on the even side during snow emergencies.

As a reminder, the City offers a free alert system, available for phone calls, emails, and text messages, to keep you in the loop in advance of snow emergencies as well as other important City information. If you are not already registered, you can sign up by visiting, or by calling 311 (617-666-3311 from outside the City). Note: Database glitches resulting in your not receiving messages pertaining to parking restrictions, including snow emergencies, do not automatically qualify you for dismissal or reimbursement of tickets and/or tow fees. Please review signage on your street, pay close attention to temporary signage, and review our parking policies and snow emergency policies.

In addition, the City’s outreach campaign includes but is not limited to:

  • Placing informational flyers on vehicles during regular routes traveled by Parking Control Officers
  • Sending information to media for inclusion in multimedia postings and print materials
  • Sending information to residents and businesses via the Community Alert phone, email, and text system
  • Posting information to the City’s website, cable bulletin boards, and social media feeds
  • Including information in all City newsletters and brochures
  • Public awareness banners, electronic message boards, and posters in key business districts

Snow Emergency Parking Information

  • Once a snow emergency has been declared, residents have four hours to move vehicles to the correct side of the street, or into a designated City parking lot.
  • Vehicles not moved during this window of time will be ticketed ($100 fine) and towed ($90 fine assessed by the tow company, plus a $35/day storage fee).
  • Vehicles parked within 20 feet of any intersection will be ticketed and towed.
  • For a list of designated City parking lots available for snow emergency parking, visit
    • Please note: Parking is not allowed in school lots during snow emergencies.
  • Residents are encouraged to sign up for phone, email, and text alerts by visiting

For more information on the City’s snow removal and snow emergency policies, visit, or download the City’s 311 app in iTunes or Google Play, by searching “311Somerville.”