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Joint Statement on Recent Shootings



With very heavy hearts we once again wish to share our deepest sympathies as well as information about supports available in the wake of not one but two mass shootings and a third shooting at a school in Iowa. 

On Saturday, what should have been a joyful celebration of the Lunar New Year turned into a horrific attack at a dance hall in Monterey Park, CA, with the majority of the victims – at least 11 fatalities and multiple injuries – being members of the local Asian American community. Before we could finish preparing this statement, news also broke of a shooting at an Iowa school that took two student lives and seriously injured a teacher. And before we could translate and send this statement, a second mass shooting occurred in California killing at least seven at two worksites, with early reports indicating victims were Chinese and Latino farmworkers.

We are beyond frustrated, angry, and sad, but we will once again come together as a community to support our friends and loved ones and point to resources that you or someone you know may need in the wake of these tragedies.

It is important to know that shootings can traumatize and re-traumatize persons no matter how far away. We also want to recognize that the details and motives behind these shootings are not yet clear. But with the rise in hate crimes in our nation, fear of targeted, racist violence understandably can course through communities as the facts are awaited. Even if other motives are eventually revealed, that fear is real and comes with real consequences for well-being. 

Our sympathies thus go out first to the friends and families of the victims but also especially here at home to Somerville’s Asian and Asian American residents; to our students, families, and staff in our school community; and to migrants, immigrants, workers, and any others who may feel more personal reactions to these attacks. 

Please reach out to friends and family if you need to talk. Or take advantage of crisis call lines if you wish to speak to volunteers trained to listen and provide support. 

The Samaritans statewide 24/7 phone or chat crisis line can take calls in up to 240 different languages. They can be reached by calling or texting just three numbers: 988. Calls are free, confidential, and anonymous.

We stand against all violence, and we join all people across our nation in grieving these terrible losses. 

With sympathy and solidarity,

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne

Ben Ewen-Campen, President, Somerville City Council

Andre Green, Chairperson, Somerville School Committee

Dr. Jeff Curley, Interim Superintendent of Schools




星期六本應是歡天喜地的農曆新年,但在加州蒙特利公園的一個舞廳卻發生了一場可怕的襲擊案,至今造成至少 11 人死亡,多人受傷,大多數受害者均是當地美國亞裔社區的成員。在而在我們發出這份聲明前,又有消息指愛荷華州的一所學校發生了槍擊事件,兩名學生當場身亡,一名教師身受重傷。就在我們翻譯和發出這份聲明前,加州發生了第二起大規模槍擊案,造成兩個工地合計至少 7人死亡,初步消息指受害者是華裔和拉丁裔的農場工人。


無論案件的距離有多遠,槍擊事件都會對人造成創傷和二次傷害。我們需要明白,這些槍擊案背後的細節和動機尚未明確。 但隨著在我們國家中發生的仇恨犯罪案件的增加,而在等待事件真相的過程中,對於有針對性種族主義暴力的恐懼有機會在社區內蔓延,這是可以理解的情況。即使最終的調查結果揭示了其他動機,這種恐懼仍然會存在,並且會影響我們的福祉。



Samaritans 的麻省全天候二十四小時緊急熱線或緊急聊天服務可以提供多達 240 種不同語言的服務。您只需撥打或發簡訊至988即可聯繫他們。電話服務是免費、保密和匿名的。


卡佳娜·巴蘭坦市長 Mayor Katjana Ballantyne

Jeff Curley 博士,學校暫任總監

薩默維爾學校委員會主席 Andre Green

Ben Ewen-Campen,薩默維爾市議會主席




星期六本应是欢天喜地的农历新年,但在加州蒙特利公园的一个舞厅却发生了一场可怕的袭击案,至今造成至少 11 人死亡,多人受伤,大多数受害者均是当地美国亚裔社区的成员。在而在我们发出这份声明前,又有消息指爱荷华州的一所学校发生了枪击事件,两名学生当场身亡,一名教师身受重伤。就在我们翻译和发出这份声明前,加州发生了第二起大规模枪击案,造成两个工地合计至少 7人死亡,初步消息指受害者是华裔和拉丁裔的农场工人。


无论案件的距离有多远,枪击事件都会对人造成创伤和二次伤害。我们需要明白,这些枪击案背后的细节和动机尚未明确。 但随着在我们国家中发生的仇恨犯罪案件的增加,而在等待事件真相的过程中,对于有针对性种族主义暴力的恐惧有机会在社区内蔓延,这是可以理解的情况。即使最终的调查结果揭示了其他动机,这种恐惧仍然会存在,并且会影响我们的福祉。



Samaritans 的麻省全天候二十四小时紧急热线或紧急聊天服务可以提供多达 240 种不同语言的服务。您只需拨打或发短信至988即可联系他们。电话服务是免费、保密和匿名的。


卡佳娜·巴兰坦市长 Mayor Katjana Ballantyne

Jeff Curley 博士,学校暂任总监

萨默维尔学校委员会主席 Andre Green

Ben Ewen-Campen,萨默维尔市议会主席


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