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Important Elder Information: Scam Alert

On Thursday afternoon, March 6, an emerging scam was brought to the attention of the Middlesex County District Attorney's
Office, and subsequently shared with the Somerville Police Department.  It was reported that a 90-year-old Somerville woman
was the victim of a "Grandparent Scam" in which she willingly provided funds to an unknown caller posing as an out-of-state attorney, who asked her to assist
her "grandson." She was told her grandson had been arrested in the state where he resides on OUI charges. On Tuesday, March 4, she was asked by someone purporting to be the grandson's "attorney"
to visit a bank, withdraw a certain amount of cash, and deliver it to a specified local business for direct transfer to the attorney for her grandson's bail. After asking to speak with her grandson, she
was granted the opportunity to briefly say hello to a person whom she believed to be her grandson on the other line. She
received a second call later on Tuesday afternoon asking for additional funds in the same manner, which she carried out. When she was
finally able to make contact with other family members on Wednesday, she discovered that her actual grandson was fine, and
then reported the incident to the D.A.'s office on Thursday. The matter is currently under investigation.

Residents are reminded to never give out personal information via telephone, and to be vigilant of similar scams. According to the D.A., there
have been several similar scams in recent months elsewhere in the state, and almost always more than one call is presented. If you believe you have been the victim
of a scam, please contact the Somerville Police at 617-625-1212.




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