Message from the Somerville Police Department

Update (3/7/2018): Owner of Backpack & AirSoft Soft Pellet Guns Located

Shortly after Somerville Police shared information regarding a backpack found containing a broken Airsoft soft pellet rifle and related materials, the owner quickly identified himself by contacting police. It appears that a 17-year-old Somerville resident received the Airsoft equipment from a friend moving overseas. He intended to use it for Airsoft sports once he turned 18. Upon finding the equipment in their home, the youth's Aunt and Uncle ordered it be broken, taken out of the house, and thrown away. The youth broke the guns and then disposed of them in a trash can near the Capuano school. The ski mask (balaclava) was part of the Airsoft gear. The youth apologized for causing any alarm. 

The Somerville Police strives to maintain open communication with the community to aid in their work and would like to thank both the youth and the community for aiding in the quick resolution of this issue. Please note that anyone with unwanted weaponry of any kind can bring it to the Somerville Police for proper disposal at any time. For more information on gun disposal, please contact the police non-emergency line at 617-625-1212. 

Please direct any media inquiries to Jackie Rossetti (857-636-2396) or Denise Taylor (857-523-9905).


Please see the following message being sent on behalf of the Somerville Police Department:

Earlier today, Wednesday, March 7, 2018, during routine park maintenance, a Somerville Department of Public Works employee found a backpack in a trash can at the soccer field adjacent to the Capuano Early Childhood Center. The backpack contained a broken Airsoft soft pellet (plastic pellet) rifle, a soft pellet pistol, and soft pellet magazines as well as a ski mask. Airsoft guns are replica weapons that look real and are used recreationally in Airsoft sports. The rifle found was an AK47 replica. There is no perceived imminent threat, however, the Somerville Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation and out of caution have contacted other law enforcement agencies. Parents and guardians at all public schools are being notified. The Somerville Police Department has increased patrols at all Somerville Public Schools. School premises, surrounding areas, and trash barrels in and around all Somerville Public Schools have also been checked for any suspicious materials. Somerville Police Detectives will be working throughout the night to identify any leads and reviewing available surveillance footage. If anyone has any relevant information or footage, please contact the Somerville Police Department at 617-625-1600 or text a tip TIP-411 (847-411) and put 617spd at the start of the message.

Please direct any media inquiries to Jackie Rossetti (857-636-2396) or Denise Taylor (857-523-9905).