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Phase 3 Business and Gatherings Reopening in Somerville to Begin July 20

Guidelines and requirements for reopening to be announced

Phase 3 Step 1 business establishments in Somerville will be allowed to reopen on Monday, July 20, assuming all safety protocols are met. New indoor and outdoor gathering guidelines will also go into effect on July 20 with additional restrictions beyond those imposed by the State. The City is currently working in collaboration with area businesses to finalize enhanced safety requirements and guidelines, which will be issued next week.

Businesses in the Phase 3 Step 1 reopening include large indoor venues generally considered to be at high risk for viral spread without proper measures in place, such as movie theaters, cultural centers, and performance venues. Gyms, fitness centers such as yoga or spin studios, and outdoor performance venues, as well as indoor and outdoor gatherings are also included in this phase. 

“Research shows that the risk of coronavirus transmission is significantly higher in indoor spaces and that larger events and gatherings can lead to exponentially more virus spread if an infected person is present,” said Doug Kress, Director of Health and Human Services. “People with COVID-19 can also pass this virus on to others even when they have no or only mild symptoms. So it is imperative that we remain vigilant and move forward thoughtfully and carefully as we enter into Phase 3. In Somerville, we are fortunate to have a business community committed to working with us to ensure Somerville sets and follows the highest safety standards.”

Phase 3 Health and Human Services categories opened in Somerville according to statewide plans on July 6.


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