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Somerville Community Encouraged to Prepare Now for Upcoming Snow Season

The City of Somerville is encouraging the community to get ready now for potential snow storms this winter season by signing up for City alerts and reviewing protocols for snow emergencies in advance. Preparing now will help keep the community safe, and reduce ticketing or towing for snow emergency parking violations and ticketing for failure to follow sidewalk shoveling requirements.

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Snow emergencies are announced in a variety of ways, including through phone, text, and email City alerts. Community members are urged to sign up for alerts in every way they can receive them and at their current address to receive alerts specific to their neighborhood. 

Alerts are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Nepali, and Mandarin. Resident information can be updated by visiting or calling 311.

In addition to City alerts, snow emergencies are announced in the following ways:

Street Parking

Because this winter begins in an odd-numbered year, snow emergency parking will be on the odd side of the street all winter, unless posted signage says differently. Residents should check street signs in their neighborhood to know where to park ahead of winter weather. 

Once a snow emergency is declared, residents will have four hours to move their car to the odd-numbered side of the street, or to municipal lots available for resident use during a snow emergency. Parking is not allowed in school lots during snow emergencies. 

Parking is also allowed at meters on the odd-numbered side of a street during a snow emergency, as long as there is no sign stating otherwise. Meters and time-parking rules are not enforced during snow emergencies. The City does not enforce an ordinance prohibiting cars from being parked in the same spot for more than 48 hours during snow emergencies.

Vehicles may be ticketed and towed if in violation of Snow Emergency parking rules. 

Municipal Lot Parking

Municipal lots will be available for residents to park their cars during snow emergencies. Once the emergency is declared over, all cars must be moved from the lots within two hours.

For the 2023/24 snow season, residents will be permitted to use the following lots. Please note that parking is NOT allowed in school lots during snow emergencies:

Municipal Buildings

  • City Hall Concourse (93 Highland Ave.)
  • All metered municipal parking lots

Municipal Parking Lots

  • Buena Vista Lot, Buena Vista Road (via Holland St. or Meacham Rd.)
  • Cutter Square Lot (Elm St./Summer St. at Cutter Ave.)
  • Day Street Lot (Day St.)
  • Dilboy Pool Lot (110 Alewife Brook Pkwy.)
  • Foss Park Lot (Foss Park at Broadway)
  • Grove Street Lot A (Grove St. at Highland Ave., referred to as "Rite Aid Lot")
  • Grove Street Lot B (Grove St. east side, between Highland Ave. & Elm St., "Grove Street Lot")
  • Magoun Square Lot (Broadway at Medford St.)
  • Mount Vernon St. Lot (Broadway between Mount Vernon St. and Mt. Pleasant St.)
  • Union Square Lot (Off Washington St., entrance at Washington St./Bonner Ave.)
  • Founder's Ice Arena (Rear - 581 Somerville Ave.)
  • Winter Hill Lot A (Broadway & Wheatland, north side)
  • Winter Hill Lot B (Broadway & Grant St., north side)

Snow Shoveling Support Program

The Somerville Youth Shoveling program, a paid opportunity for youth to help local seniors and homeowners with disabilities after a snowstorm, is returning for the 2023/24 snow season. 

Seniors interested in signing up to receive the service should contact Debby Higgins at the Somerville Council on Aging by emailing or calling 617-625-6600 x 2321. Youth looking to sign up should contact Youth Services Coordinator Dan Harris by emailing or calling 617- 625-6600 x2406. 

Snow Shoveling Requirements

Property owners are responsible for removing ice and snow from sidewalks and accessible ramps that abut their property. The City places buckets of sand where possible in neighborhoods that may be used to prevent slipping on your public walkways.

To comply with all city shoveling rules:

  • Sidewalks need to be cleared within six daylight hours after the snow stops.
  • Shovel a path at least 36 inches wide on sidewalks down to the pavement. 
  • Do not shovel snow onto city streets unless the temperature is 40 degrees or higher, it is during daylight hours, and snow and ice are broken up and spread evenly on the street so they will melt quickly. 
  • These rules apply to all snowfall, not just when a snow emergency is declared.
  • Failure to comply may result in increasing fines issued daily until the walkway is clear.  

More information about the snow shoveling program will be shared in the coming weeks.


Persons with disabilities who need auxiliary aids and services for effective communication (i.e., CART, ASL), written materials in alternative formats, or reasonable modifications in policies and procedures in order to access the programs, activities, and meetings of the City of Somerville should please contact Adrienne Pomeroy at 617-625-6600 x 2059 or

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