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First Name Last Name Sort descending Department Title Phone Number Phone Extension Contact Email
Nick Alakel Communications Construction Public Information Officer (617) 625-6600 2614 send Email
Dave Copeland Communications Web Content Writer 617-625-6600 2603 send Email
Therese Frazier Communications Web Content Administrator 617-625-6600 2600 send Email
Erica Mace Communications Public Information Officer (617) 625-6600 2615 send Email
Victoria MacGregor Communications Comm Eng. Specialist/Social MediaManager (617) 625-6600 2620 send Email
Dan Moore Communications Webmaster/Web Developer 617-625-6600 2613 send Email
Grace Munns Communications Communications Deputy Director (617) 625-6600 2120 send Email
Denise Taylor Communications Director of Communications 617-625-6600 2103 send Email

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