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First Name Last Name Sort descending Department Title Phone Number Phone Extension Contact Email
Michael Richards Director of Finance & Administration (617) 625-6600 5409 send Email
Charles Richardson Fire Department Lieutenant 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Floyd Richardson Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Lead Program Coordinator 617-625-6600 5614 send Email
Andy Rieder DPW - Buildings and Grounds Preventative Maintenance Manager (617) 625-6600 5212 send Email
Suzanne Rinfret Traffic and Parking Director of Traffic and Parking 617-666-3311 7910 send Email
Diane Ringer Department of Public Works (DPW) Administrative Assistant 617-666-3311 5113 send Email
Jay Rizzo Information Technology (IT) Network Manager 617-625-6600 3262 send Email
Lisa Robinson Health and Human Services Director of the Office of Food Access and Healthy Communities 617-625-6600 4312 send Email
Yolanda Robles Purchasing Construction Procurement Manager (617) 625-6600 3407 send Email
Carla Rocha Assessing Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 3115 send Email
William Roche C150 Municipal Hearing Officer (617) 625-6600 3304 send Email
Kevin Roche DPW - Engineering Deputy Director of Engineering Services (617) 625-6600 5417 send Email
Chris Roche Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Deputy Sealer 311 4328 send Email
Bernabe Rodriguez City Clerk Assistant City Clerk (617) 625-6600 4112 send Email
Thomas Ross Fire Department Fire Fighter 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Steve Ross Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Senior Code Enforcement Inspector (617) 625-6600 4327 send Email
Emanuel Saez Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 2982 send Email
Joseph Salamone Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Local Building Inspector (617) 625-6600 5622 send Email
Nicholas Salerno Elections Commissioner of Elections 617-625-6600 4210 send Email
Brendan Salisbury City Clerk Legislative Policy Analyst (617) 625-6600 4113 send Email
Brendan Salisbury City Clerk Legislative Policy Analyst (617) 625-6600 4113 send Email
Joanna Samayoa Assessing Senior Clerk 617-625-6600 3108 send Email
Carlos Sanchez Libraries Library Technician III Circulation 617-623-5000 2975 send Email
Raisa Saniat Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Planner (617) 625-6600 2500 send Email
Frank Santangelo DPW - Buildings and Grounds DPW Foreman 617-666-3311 5547 send Email
Joseph Santos Information Technology (IT) IT Supervisor/Computer Info Syste 617-625-6600 3252 send Email
Tom Saporito Fire Department Firefighter 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Matthew Sarcione Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Zoning Review Planner ISD (617) 625-6600 5600 send Email
Shayne Saulnier Fire Department Fire Fighter 617-623-1700 8100 send Email
Dina Scarpelli Treasury Head Cashier 617-666-3311 3503 send Email
George Scarpelli Parks and Recreation Recreation Program Developer 617-625-6600 2984 send Email
Stephanie Schalebaum Department of Public Works (DPW) Head Clerk (617) 625-6600 5117 send Email
Ellen Schneider Collins Personnel Deputy Director of Personnel 617-666-3311 3306 send Email
Nick Schonberger Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Economic Development Assistant (617) 625-6600 2537 send Email
Justin Schreiber Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Transportation Planner (617) 625-6600 2508 send Email
Wendy Sczechowicz Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Preservation Planner (617) 625-6600 2500 send Email
Ellen Shachter Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Director of Housing Stability 617-625-6600 781-307-3307 send Email
Samuel Shaffer SomerStat Principal Analyst (617) 625-6600 2109 send Email
David Shapiro Law Office Assistant City Solicitor 617-625-6600 4409 send Email
Phyllis Shea Personnel Payroll Director 617-625-6600 3230 send Email
Brijesh Shrestha C159 SomerViva Intern (617) 625-6600 2600 send Email
Joseph Sicari Traffic and Parking Senior Clerk (617) 625-6600 7900 send Email
Kenneth Silva Fire Department District Chief 617-625-1700 8100 send Email
Sara Skonieczny Health and Human Services Clinical Youth Specialist (617) 625-6600 4313 send Email
Stephen Sloane C229 Senior Fire Alarm Operator (617) 625-1700 8300 send Email
David Slonina Information Technology (IT) Deputy IT Director 617-625-6600 3257 send Email
Linda Smith Traffic and Parking Parking Control Officer Supervisor 617-666-3311 7951 send Email
Jennifer Sousa Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Inspectional Coordinator II (617) 625-6600 5613 send Email
Ashley Speliotis Council on Aging Acting Director of Council on Aging 617-625-6600 2310 send Email
Nikki Spencer Mayor's Office Chief of Staff (617) 625-6600 2115 send Email

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