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In collaboration with the City’s Department of Racial and Social Justice (RSJ) and the SomerStat Office of Innovation and Analytics, SPD is now publishing four updated or expanded police data sets to the City’s Open Data Portal. All data sets will now include new interactive data visualizations. These updates build on the administration’s goals to modernize policing in Somerville and expand transparency with the Somerville Police Department.

To view the updated data sets in their entirety and other public safety datasets, visit the Somerville Public Safety Open Data Page. To visit the Somerville Police Department website, click here.

Crime Reports

The "Crime Reports" data set contains data associated with written police reports that are collected daily from SPD records. Previously, only four property crime types were reported. Now, the new “Crime Reports” data set will expand to cover 48 types of crimes against property, persons, and society.

Computer Aided Dispatch

The "Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)" data set contains calls for service. This dataset provides initial, unverified information from a call and does not confirm a crime or police report was filed for the data point. The new “Calls for Service” data set now expands reporting to include 144 call types.


Motor Vehicle Crashes

Previously, the "Motor Vehicle Crashes" data set was a historical data set that ended in April 2018. The new "Motor Vehicle Crashes" data set will backfill data starting from May 2018 and will be continuously updated with current data going forward. The historical data set will remain viewable online.


Traffic Citations

The "Traffic Citations" data set contains citations issued by the Somerville Police Department. These may include motor vehicle, bicycle and other traffic violations. 


Programs & Initiatives

An overview of how the budget process works and how it impacts residents and businesses in Somerville.

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