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Free Summer Meals
Summer Meals is a totally free-of-charge program that provides free meals to all kids and teens, ages 18 and under, at locations across Massachusetts during the summer months.
Business Enrichment Program
The City of Somerville’s Business Enrichment Program offers help to small businesses. They can get up to 15 hours of free technical support.
Digital Bridge Initiative
In 2023, the City created the Digital Bridge Initiative (DBI). The goal of the DBI is to support existing programming and to create new initiatives.
Slice of the City
Join us to celebrate Somerville’s open spaces, engage with the City outside of formal meetings, and of course – enjoy some pizza.
New Small Business Vitality Grant
The City of Somerville’s New Small Business Vitality Grant offers up to 12 months of rental support for physical storefronts, with a maximum of $50,000.
Civic Day
Civic Day is an activity-packed, all-ages event that aims to provide community members interactive opportunities to learn about Somerville’s local government, programs, services, and ways to get involved.
Kennedy School Chiller Replacement Project
The City’s Capital Projects Division will be replacing the chiller and overhauling the cooling system at the Kennedy School this spring/fall (2024).
Police Chief Selection Process
Information about the search for Somerville's next Police Chief.
An overview of how the budget process works and how it impacts residents and businesses in Somerville.
The City of Somerville has career opportunities for a diverse range of professionals and skill sets to reflect the culturally rich community we serve daily.
Participatory Budgeting
In June 2022, $1 million was allocated for the purpose of having community members propose and vote on projects to improve Somerville.
Free Taxis to Groceries & Medical Appointments
Free rides to groceries and medical appointments for transit-dependent Somerville residents with limited incomes.
Combined and Sanitary Sewer Overflow Control
MWRA and the Cities of Cambridge and Somerville have implemented a system for rapid reporting of CSO discharges to the Alewife Brook.
Get Your Flu Shot and Updated COVID-19 Booster
Get your flu shot and updated COVID-19 booster at a City of Somerville clinic this fall. Both are strongly recommended to protect yourself and others from serious illness.
Substance Misuse Prevention
The Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator works in collaboration with the Somerville Public School system to provide substance misuse assessment, consultation, and education on an ongoing basis for youth in the middle and high schools.
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Somerville has been allocated $77,504,170 from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to aid in local pandemic recovery efforts. Please review the tabs on this page to learn more.
Voices of Somerville Community Survey
We want to hear from you about how Somerville can best recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and build a community where all can thrive together.
Assembly Fire Station
A new fire station will be located on the corner of Middlesex Avenue and Foley Street in Assembly Row.
Adopt-A-Tree Program
The Urban Forestry Committee and collaborators have been developing ways to celebrate our hard-working city trees. If you want to help our trees too,
Spring Hill Sewer Separation Project
The Spring Hill Sewer Separation project is one of the City's efforts to mitigate flooding, reduce waterway pollution, and upgrade infrastructure.
Regulation of Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG)
By following a FOG Management Plan your business can help avoid costly damages to your business and community.
Mattress and Box Spring Recycling Program
The City offers free mattress and box spring recycling to residents who receive City trash services. You just need to schedule a pickup.
Listening Sessions
Mayor Ballantyne is asking Somerville residents hit hardest by the pandemic to tell their story. We need you to share your ideas...
Outdoor Dining
The goal of this program is to help alleviate the financial impacts of implementing outdoor dining set up in compliance with local and state safety...
Human Services Division - Supportive Services
The Human Service Division provides a variety of supportive services to the Somerville Community to promote health and well-being.
Properties on Broadway and School St. are part of the Winter 2022 Sidewalk Snow Clearing Pilot to test options to support safer travel.
Mayor Katjana Ballantyne First 100-Day Agenda Somerville: Progress for All
Designed to make quick, meaningful, and actionable progress on our greatest challenges and our community members’ most urgent needs.
Somerville Community Choice Electricity Program
An electricity supply program to provide residents and businesses with new, City-vetted options for electricity supply.
Hazard Mitigation Plan
The City has prepared an updated Hazard Mitigation Plan to reduce its vulnerability to natural hazards such as flooding,
Reprecincting Somerville
Every 10 years, Massachusetts cities and towns are required to review their population data from the most recent decennial U.S. Census.
Building Master Plan
The City is exploring the physical location of city departments to improve customer service, maximize efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
Somerville Supervised Consumption Site
This report was produced by the People, Place & Health Collective, a research collaborative at the Brown University School of Public
SustainaVille is a call to come together to develop the most ambitious, creative, effective plan for both reducing our carbon output and preparing...
Somerville Young Tree Training Program
In an effort to promote the health of the existing trees in the City of Somerville, this program focuses on pruning all of the young trees in the City
The vaccine is being provided free of charge to all individuals, regardless of insurance or immigration status.
Find out what steps the City is taking to prepare for flooding, and what you should do before, during, and after a flooding event.
Keeping Cool in Hot Weather
Extreme heat can cause serious illness and can be life-threatening. Find out how to keep cool and safe this summer.
Public Safety for All
We're addressing excessive use of force and systemic racism at all levels so that we can equitably serve our entire community.
City of Somerville Virtual Events
93 Highland Ave. may be closed, but City Hall is hard at work. Join our virtual town halls, listening sessions, & more from the comfort of your home.
Somerville Cares Fund for COVID-19 Assistance
Providing emergency funding to all Somerville residents facing hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Small Business Recovery Fund
The Small Business Recovery Program will provide forgivable loans worth up to $15,000 to eligible businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and are located in Somerville.
COVID-19 Resources for Businesses
SomervilleMA/COVIDBizHelp aims to be a place for businesses to access resources, information, and support in this difficult time.
Somerville Parks Tree Health Program
A proactive Parks Tree Health Program focusing on Somerville-owned parks and delivering the best arboreal practices to promote healthy tree growth.
MBTA Youth Pass Partnership
The Youth Pass CharlieCard provides reduced fares for bus and subway riders.
Diversity Catalog
These are small businesses run by people who have overcome historic barriers, and Somerville wants them to thrive. 
Somerville Business Loyalty Program
Support local businesses in Magoun Sq. and Ball Sq. and win prizes!
Plantings in City Spaces: Information on Natives Policy & Invasive Plants
Help us stop black swallow-wort and other unwanted plants.
Stormwater Management
The City of Somerville is looking for ways to reduce the impact of stormwater pollution. 
May Preservation Month
Each May the City partners with other local organizations to host events honoring Somerville's history...
Climate Ambassadors
The Somerville Climate Ambassador program is designed to empower Somerville residents to take action on climate change in their community.
Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments
The Somerville City Council has adopted two key items of legislation regarding adult marijuana.
Job Creation and Retention Trust Fund (JCRT)
The JCRT is entrusted with managing funds that have been collected to provide and enhance job opportunities for Somerville residents.
The City of Somerville is investigating ways to relocate City and School departments to improve the constituent experience, increase the efficiency...
Bluebikes Bike Share System
Bike sharing is a healthy, green, and quick way to get around. Stations are located throughout Somerville, Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline...
Shared Mobility
The City has been working for several years to understand and plan for new forms of shared mobility, including bike share, ride-hailing...
Climate Forward
Climate Forward is a set of implementable actions that will reduce Somerville’s contribution to climate change and prepare the City for...
Dog Licensing, Vaccination, and Ownership
Everyone in the City of Somerville that owns one or more dogs must license their dog(s) each year. All dogs 6 months old or older must be licensed.
Historic Preservation Awards
Each year the Historic Preservation Commission honors residents who performed significant restoration or maintenance efforts on designated historic...
Real Estate Development
Learn about the typical real estate development process in Somerville – from pre-application to construction.
Here are the steps the City is taking to improve access to affordable housing in Somerville.
Traffic Signal Timing Improvements
In late June, 2018, the City of Somerville will be performing signal timing changes in Davis Sq. to reduce wait times for everyone.
Somerville-Tufts Partnership Agreement (PILOT)
The City of Somerville is currently negotiating a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement with Tufts University.
The City will use the proceeds from minibonds to fund capital projects like parks and road improvements.
ArtFarm is Somerville’s proposal for a self-sustaining art and urban agriculture laboratory designed to foster community engagement and creativity.
Housing Rehabilitation Program
This program offers an incentive for property owners to improve the existing housing stock and to create and maintain affordable homeownership...
Textile Recycling Pickup Program
An easy, convenient, and free way to recycle pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Brownfields Remediation Assistance
This program helps property owners minimize the uncertainties of contamination often associated with underutilized properties known as brownfields.
New Somerville High School Building Project
The City of Somerville, using funds obtained locally and through a grant by the MSBA, is building a new high school in place of the old one.
Innovation Economy
In Somerville, we like to say that while others have innovation districts, we are the Innovation City. That innovation is backed by know-how and...
West Branch Library Renovation
The City of Somerville is bringing the beloved, historic West Branch Library into the 21st century.
Winter Heating Fuel Assistance Program
Low-income households may be eligible to receive help with winter heating costs between November 1 and April 30.
The Pavement and Sidewalk Management Program aims to make transportation easier and safer for all of Somerville's residents.
Vision Zero Somerville
Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone has announced Somerville’s commitment to the Vision Zero Initiative, which aims to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries
Inclusionary Housing Program
Find out about affordable housing opportunities in the City of Somerville.
HeatSmart/CoolSmart Somerville
See how you can replace your old fossil fuel-burning heating and cooling units with a green and efficient heat pump.
Somerville Energy Efficiency Now (SEEN)
SEEN is making sustainability a priority to help create cleaner, safer housing environments.
Somerville-Arlington Continuum of Care (CoC)
The CoC is the local organization that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless individuals and families.
Fall City Hall Community Meetings
Community Meetings work to keep residents informed and engaged about their city through open government and data sharing.
Welcoming and Inclusive Neighborhoods Somerville (WINS)
With your help, the City is analyzing challenges to fair housing choice and addressing barriers in our community.
Home Composting Program
Where some people see food scraps, we see the foundation of urban agriculture in Somerville!
Assistance for Businesses
The Economic Development Department works with businesses of all sizes and types to support their growth and success in Somerville.
The Mayor's Parks Pass Challenge
Want to get out and about as a family? We’ve got the perfect opportunity!
The Summer Jobs Program gives City youth an opportunity to work within the community during the summer months.
Workforce and Talent Development
Our goals are to make Somerville a regional employment center with a mix of diverse and high quality jobs...
Somerville GreenTech
The City has piloted two green technologies developed by local companies to support this vital industry and...
SustainaVille is a call to come together to develop the most ambitious, creative, effective plan for both reducing our carbon output and preparing...
Web-Based Registry Anti-Theft Program (WRAP)
A joint program with the Somerville Police, 311, and the City’s website to prevent the theft of bicycles and electronic devices and to solve crime.
Teen Snow Shoveling Program
Whether you need help shoveling, or you're a teen looking to make cash, the Teen Snow Shoveling Program is here to help.
The Mayor's Urban Agriculture Initiative
Our Urban Ag program brought first Urban Ag Ordinance in New England, the Urban Ag Ambassadors program, new farms, and more.
Community Garden Program
This land is your land–so grab your gloves, don your hat, and dig into our fun & eco-friendly volunteer gardening program.
Doing Business in Somerville
Whether you're just getting started, looking to expand your business, improve its appearance, or simply get advice on best practice
Reporting Airplane Noise
The City of Somerville urges residents to report airplane noise to both Massport and the City.
Somerville Cares About Prevention (SCAP)
SCAP works to reduce substance abuse and the harms associated it, by increasing public knowledge and mobilizing the community.
Somerville Trauma Response Network (STRN)
STRN's team of trained community members are ready to respond to any traumas affecting City youth.
Six City Tobacco Initiative
The Somerville Board of Health Six City Tobacco Initiative works to change community norms regarding the use of tobacco.
Lead Paint Safe Somerville
Lead Paint Safe Somerville is a limited-time program that provides 0% interest forgivable loans to Somerville homeowners to address lead hazards.
Rodent Control and Public Education
The City of Somerville is committed to rodent control and public education. Together, we can combat this fact of city life.
Electronic Waste Recycling Program
It's easy for Somerville residents and businesses to recycle electronic waste responsibly.
Be Somerville!
There are lots of ways to be involved with Somerville, shape the community, and share your talents, so get involved and Be Somerville!

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