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Central Broadway Water Main Upgrades

Beginning in mid-July 2023 or soon after, City contractors Tim Zanelli Excavating will upgrade the water main beneath Broadway between Temple St. and Boston Ave.

The water main in this area dates as far back as the late 19th/early 20th century. Old pipes suffer from tuberculation, a form of corrosion, which reduces the amount of water that the pipe can supply. 

Through this project, water mains in the neighborhood will be upgraded through a combination of replacement and rehabilitation (including processes such as cured-in-place pipe lining). Some water services (lines connecting individual properties to the water main) will also be replace through this project. 

Map showing the limits of work on Central Broadway (Temple St. to Cedar St.)

More about the project

Anticipated Work Schedule: 

Work will begin late-July or soon after and run through the fall with anticipated project completion in December 2024. Daily work hours are approximately 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phases and Locations of Work: 

Phase 1 

When? Construction Season 2023

What? Clean and Line 14 inch High Pressure Water Main from Cedar Street to Temple Street along Broadway. 1.

Phase 2 

When? Construction Season 2024

What?  Clean and line 12” high pressure line from Cedar Street to Medford Street and clean and line 12" low-pressure water main from Broadway Bridge to Cedar along Broadway.

Traffic Impacts: 

Broadway is expected to remain open to through traffic for the duration of the project. 

  • Lane closures and lane shifts may be required during certain phases of the work.
  • Some temporary sidewalks closures may be required, but temporary crossing will be provided to ensure pedestrian access

Potential Parking Restrictions: 

During certain phases of the project, there may be associated parking restrictions. Notification of any parking restrictions will be posted no less than 48 hours in advance. 

Other Impacts 

Temporary Water Bypass - Some residences may require temporary water bypass to be installed to ensure continued delivery of water service while new mains are installed. 

  • additional notification will be provided to residents prior to installation 

Water Service Interruptions - Brief interruptions to water service will be required during the project.

  • Notification for water interruptions will be provided 48 hours in advance via flyer and City alerts

Staying Informed

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