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COVID-19 Testing

Where to Get At-Home Tests

You can get tested for COVID-19 from the comfort of your home. 

Free iHealth home tests for Covid-19 are now available at the following locations:

  • Somerville City Hall: 93 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA
  • Somerville City Hall Annex: 50 Evergreen Ave, Somerville, MA
  • Somerville Central Library: 79 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA
  • Somerville East Branch Library: 115 Broadway, Somerville, MA
  • Somerville West Branch Library: 40 College Ave, Somerville, MA

Please only take one test kit per family member. Tests will be available as long as supply lasts. Note: The manufacturer extended the expiration dates for these tests.

Purchase an at-home test kit:

  • Self-tests can be purchased online or in pharmacies and retail stores. Kits may be available for free or at a reduced cost through your health insurance.. Contact your health insurance company to verify their policy. Look for test kits that are currently approved by the FDA:
  • Starting January 15, if you have health insurance, your provider is required to cover the costs of eight at-home antigen tests per person each month, at up to $12 per test. Find out from your insurance company if it will offer direct coverage or whether you will need to submit a claim for reimbursement. Learn more from these FAQs.   

Request an at-home test kit:

  • Free Rapid At-Home Tests provided by the U.S. Federal Government (through September 2, 2022): All households in the U.S. can request up to three orders of eight free COVID-19 rapid at-home tests (a total of 24 tests). Each order of eight free tests must be made separately. The tests will be mailed to your address via USPS at no charge to you. You can order the tests at covidtests.govNOTE: Ordering through this program will be suspended September 2, 2022. 
  • PCR COVID-19 Tests provided by the State: Eligible people in Massachusetts can also have an at-home PCR test sent to them for free. These tests are available to people who have symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to COVID-19, have been advised to get tested by a health professional, or who live or work in a congregate setting. Request a free, at-home PCR test here. If you need assistance requesting a kit, please contact 3-1-1 (617-666-3311).

Nearby “Stop the Spread” Sites

Please contact a site before visiting in case operations have changed.

Cataldo Ambulance - Rivergreen Park, 1 Rivergreen Drive, Everett

  • Free for all people, regardless of insurance or immigration status 
  • No appointment necessary
  • 7:00am-7:00pm Mon-Fri
  • 12:00pm-6:00pm Sat

Other COVID-19 Testing Sites 

Search for COVID-19 testing locations by zip code at Note that not all sites listed are free.

How Do COVID-19 Tests Work?

Two types of tests can detect if you have an active Covid-19 infection:

  • Molecular tests (such as PCR tests) detect the virus that causes COVID-19. Sometimes it can take longer to get your results with a molecular/PCR test than with antigen tests because samples must be sent to a lab.
  • Antigen tests detect specific proteins made by the virus. These tests can usually deliver results in 15 to 30 minutes.

Other tests can detect if you have had COVID-19 in the past:

  • Antibody or serology tests detect whether you previously had COVID-19 at some point in the past.
  • They do not detect whether you have an active COVID-19 infection.

For more information about the different types of test and how they work, see these resources:

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