About the Commission for Persons with Disabilities

The Somerville Commission for Persons with Disabilities (SCPD), working in close collaboration with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Services, is committed to promoting equality, to ensuring that the ADA’s vital protections for individuals with disabilities are preserved, and to advancing the basic freedoms that all Somerville residents deserve.

The SCPD accomplishes its mission, first and foremost, by maintaining an environment in the City of Somerville that is free of discrimination and harassment based on disability, by ensuring that all persons living, working, and visiting the city have full and equal access to all programs and services within the city as required by the ADA, and by working to promote and celebrate an inclusive and accessible community.

SCPD members work with City staff to assure that all residents are provided with current and accurate information, resources, and opportunities to enrich their lives. It works to increase civic and community engagement and participation. It works with city staff to see that structural, policy, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers to equal participation and opportunities are continually evaluated and removed. Mutually beneficial collaborations and activities with City administration and departments are developed and maintained through dialogue and resource-building to allow Somerville residents with disabilities an opportunity to contribute on equal terms.

SCPD’s overarching goals and fundamental commitment are to continue to fight the injustices and unequal treatment that are still present everywhere, and to work diligently to ensure that the barriers to equal opportunity and equal access that remain are addressed. Individuals with disabilities have much to contribute to the City, and they deserve a fair and equal chance to do so and to forge their own path forward.

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