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  • Call 311 (617-666-3311 from outside of Somerville)
  • TTY/Hearing Impaired (only) dial 866-808-4851

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First Name Last Name Department Title Phone Number Phone Extension Contact Email
Corrie Carron Auditing Principal Clerk 617-625-6600 3204 Send Email
Robert Powers Constituent Services (311) 311 Floor Supervisor 617-666-3311 2179 Send Email
Gabriela Portillo Constituent Services (311) Service Operations Manager 617-625-6600 2168 Send Email
Cheryl Cruz Treasury Deputy Treasurer 617-625-6600 3509 Send Email
David Keating DPW - Buildings and Grounds City Building Custodian (617) 625-6600 5100 Send Email
Susan Yerkes Parks and Recreation Parks & Recreation Director (617) 625-6600 2983 Send Email
Heriberto Morales Assessing Director of Commercial Asessments (617) 625-6600 3109 Send Email
Carla Rocha Assessing Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 3115 Send Email
Michael Pasquariello Retirement Executive Director (617) 625-6600 4610 Send Email
Francis Golden Assessing Chief Assessor (617) 625-6600 3110 Send Email
Russell D'Auria Assessing Manager Residential Assessment 617-625-6600 3114 Send Email
Michael Finnegan Fire Department Fire Fighter 617-623-1700 8100 Send Email
Thupten Chukhatsang Procurement and Contracting Services (PCS) Senior Procurement Manager 617-625-6600 3412 Send Email
Angela Allen Procurement and Contracting Services (PCS) Chief Procurement Officer 617-625-6600 3410 Send Email
Andrea Torres City Clerk Principal Clerk 617-625-6600 4107 Send Email
Jenneen Pagliaro City Clerk Administrative Assistant 617-625-6600 4109 Send Email
Nadia Dixson City Clerk Archivist 617-625-6600 5715 Send Email
Lori Cook Police Department Customer Service Representative 617-625-1600 7244 Send Email
Joe Constantine City Cable Programmer 617-625-6600 2611 Send Email
Steven DeCarlo City Cable Director of City Cable Operations 617-625-6600 2617 Send Email
Megan Arruda Elections Assistant Election Commissioner 617-625-6600 4205 Send Email
Sheila Forristall Elections Principal Clerk 617-625-6600 4203 Send Email
Kate Hartke Grants Development Director C136 617-625-6600 Send Email
Kim Spezzafero Law Office Legal Administrative Assistant 617-625-6600 4404 Send Email
Francis Golden Assessing Chief Assessor (617) 625-6600 3110 Send Email
Matthew Zaino Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Deputy Director 617-666-3311 5625 Send Email
Barbara Brown Personnel Benefits Manager 617-625-6600 3303 Send Email
Ellen Schneider Collins Personnel Deputy Director of Personnel 617-666-3311 3306 Send Email
Beatrice Falaise Personnel Benefits Coordinator 617-625-6600 3320 Send Email
Kelli Forbes Personnel Payroll coordinator 617-625-6600 3232 Send Email
Deborah Furtado Personnel Payroll Coordinator (617) 625-6600 3222 Send Email
Janneke Donovan-De Klerk Assessing Sales/Personal Property Analyst (617) 625-6600 3105 Send Email
Lucy Barrows Health and Human Services Admin Assistant 617-625-6600 4324 Send Email
Laura Accaputo Traffic and Parking Administrative Assistant 617-666-3311 7904 Send Email
Karen Stevens Libraries Deputy Director of Libraries 617-623-5000 2954 Send Email
Colleen Tam Auditing Deputy City Auditor/Assistant Finance Director 617-625-6600 3211 Send Email
Diane MacMullen Auditing Grant Accountant 617-625-6600 3203 Send Email
Jo-Ann Liberatore Auditing Administrative Assistant 617-625-6600 3206 Send Email
Kathy Pratt Traffic and Parking Junior Clerk 617-666-3311 7900 Send Email
Monique Johnson Auditing Systems Accountant 617-625-6600 3209 Send Email
Maria Murphy Libraries (617) 625-6600 2900 Send Email
William Hallinan Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief 617-625-1700 8401 Send Email
Anna Donovan Treasury Principal Clerk 617-625-6600 3514 Send Email
Hope Williams Mayor's Office Charter Review Project Manager (617) 625-6600 2100 Send Email
Rosanna Lara Health and Human Services COVID Tracing Team Member (617) 625-6600 4300 Send Email
Deana Brown Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Administrative Assistant (617) 625-6600 2533 Send Email
Wayne Colella Information Technology (IT) IT Project Manager (617) 625-6600 3259 Send Email
Kaitlyn Plocharczyk Constituent Services (311) Customer Service Representative (617) 625-6600 2185 Send Email
Sarah White Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Senior Planner 617-625-6600 2534 Send Email
Matthew Sarcione Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Zoning Review Planner ISD (617) 625-6600 5600 Send Email

Programs & Initiatives

The City of Somerville and Somerville Public Schools have partnered with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to address major school building needs, including large-scale renovations and new construction.

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