About SomerPromise

The Somerville Promise Alliance (SomerPromise) is a community-wide effort that focuses on aligning and mobilizing resources to address the academic, social and environmental factors that affect student success. We are committed to equity and excellence in children’s lives during and out of school, from cradle to career.

SomerPromise is committed to bridging the opportunity gap to close the achievement gap. Our work focuses on the four key areas of attendance, after school and out-of-school time, literacy, and health and well-being. We believe that caring adults are fundamental to our goals, and that working collaboratively with City, schools and community partners maximizes the impact of all of our work.

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Preview thumbnail of SomervilleHub.orgVisit the Somerville Hub at SomervilleHub.org to find what families need to play, live, and thrive in Somerville. Including:

  • Childcare
  • Programs and activities
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Preschool and Kindergarten
  • And more


For more information about the Somerville Hub, contact Ruth Santos, SomerPromise Coordinator, at 617-625-6600 x2342 or rsantos@somervillema.gov.

Working in collaboration with our many partners, we support:

Research and Data

SomerPromise identifies gaps, needs and trends affecting student success, provides research to support the facts, and tracks and shares data.


SomerPromise researches grants and coordinates grant writing among our partners. In addition, we provide seed funding for sustainable projects in line with our key areas of focus.

Facilitation and Outreach

SomerPromise convenes meetings to engage diverse perspectives and organize coordinated efforts. We support cross-sector community engagement efforts, and we work hard to increase the visibility of key topics, needs, solutions and support.

Programs and Resources

SomerPromise assists in piloting new initiatives and developing existing programs.


Building Community (PDF)

Preview of the SomerPromise Community Building PDF