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Community Development Block Grant

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HUD Plans & Reports

Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds for Tiered Projects and Programs
HUD CAPER 2022-2023 Public Hearing Presentation
HUD CAPER 2022-2023 Public Hearing Report
HUD Action Plan 2023-2024
CAPER 2021-2022 Updated Public Hearing Report
CAPER Program Year Draft 2021-2022
2022-23 Annual Action Plan Comment Period Extension
Public Notice of 2022-23 Annual Action Plan Meeting
SomerVision Comprehensive Plan (2010-2030)
Somerville Consolidated Plan Amendment CDBG-CV2 Notice
HUD Consolidated Action Plan 2013-2017 - Presentation
HUD Action Plan 2010-2011
SomerVision Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030
Annual Action Plan 2020-2021
HUD Consolidated Plan 2013-2017
HUD Action Plan 2010-2011 - Minor Amendment
Business Workshop Flyer Portuguese
HUD Action Plan 2020-2021 - Presentation
HUD Consolidated Plan 2008-2013
HUD Action Plan 2009-2010
Business Workshop Flyer Creole
Public Hearing for HUD 2019 – 2020 Action Plan Substantial Amendment (Recording):
HUD Consolidated Plan 2003-2008
HUD Action Plan 2008-2009 - Substantial Amendment
Business Workshop Flyer English
HUD Action Plan 2019-2020 - Substantial Amendments in Response to COVID-19
HUD Citizen Participation Plan
HUD Action Plan 2007-2008
Business Welcome Guide
Community Participation Plan Amendment 2020
HUD CAPER 2015-2016
HUD Action Plan 2006-2007
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Policies & Plans
HUD CAPER 2018 (Draft)
HUD Action Plan 2008-2009
Street Opening Moratorium List
HUD Action Plan 2011-2012 - Presentation
HUD Action Plan-2016-2017
DRAFT Annual Action Plan 2022-2023
HUD CAPER 2017 (Draft)
HUD Action Plan 2015-2016
HUD Action Plan 2022-23
HUD Consolidated Action Plan 2018-2022 - Presentation
HUD Action Plan 2014-2015
HUD Consolidated Action Plan 2018-2022
HUD Consolidated Plan 2018-2022
HUD Action Plan 2014-2015 - Presentation
Legal Notices January 12, 2022
HUD 5-Year Consolidated Plan (2018-2022) - Overview and Timeline
HUD Action Plan 2012-2013
CAPER PY20 Public Hearing Presentation 11-18-21
HUD CAPER 2016-2017 (Draft)
HUD Action Plan 2011-2012
Annual Action Plan 2021-2022
Caper 2020-2021 Public Comment (Draft)
HUD LGBTQ Equal Access Rules
HUD Action Plan 2011-2012 - Substantial Amendment
Community Path
Written Standards for the City of Somerville
HUD LGBTQ Equal Access Overview
HUD Action Plan 2011-2012 - Presentation
Development Approval Process Guide
Public Notice Allocation Change
HUD Consolidated Action Plan 2013-2017
HUD Action Plan 2011-2012 - Notice of Intent

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