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Information & Rules for Community Gardens in Somerville During COVID-19 Pandemic: View Here

Rules for Social Distancing in City Parks


We know it is very difficult to be inside especially as the weather warms up, but we must all work to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. People’s lives are at stake. Understandably, people are using the parks as a way to get some fresh air. But even outside, we must follow the rules of social distancing – stay a minimum of 6 feet away from others at all times. Please be vigilant with children who may not understand social distancing. If you can, visit parks at less busy hours. If there are too many people at a park to obey the rules of social distancing, go home and come back at another time. If you can, please consider taking a walk through the neighborhood as a way to get some exercise.

  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Consider visiting parks at less busy times. If there are too many people to practice social distancing, go home and come back at another time.
  • When you are out, always stay 6 feet away from anyone who does not live in your household.
  • Parks and fields are open, but team sports – including pickup games – are not allowed.
  • Kicking a ball with another person or member of your household is OK.
  • Do not arrange playdates or social gatherings at parks. Even people who seem well can be spreading the virus.
  • Dog owners should stay 6 feet away from other owners at all times and should not pet others' dogs.
  • Community gardeners should garden alone and stay 6 feet away from other gardeners at all times. Tools should not be shared. Use hand sanitizer before and after opening gates.
  • Follow CDC recommendations for staying safe. Wash your hands after being outside.

We are in this together. Please do your part to keep our community healthy. Learn more about COVID-19 safety and social distancing at somervillema.gov/Coronavirus.