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Somerville Climate Ambassadors

The Somerville Climate Forward Ambassador program is designed to empower Somerville residents to take action on climate change in their community.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn something new, get more involved in your community, become a local leader, or meet new people, consider applying to become a Climate Forward Ambassador.

“I feel much more empowered to take action now, plus I feel more connected to the community.” - 2019 Climate Forward Ambassador

Contact Information
Hannah Payne
Sustainability Coordinator
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To apply, please fill out this simple application form.

Somerville residents aged 16 or older are invited to apply.

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About the Program

In 2019, the Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) launched the Climate Forward Ambassador Program. The program was identified in Somerville Climate Forward, our climate action plan. Our goal is to educate residents about climate change and increase the community’s capacity to engage in climate action. 

Following participation in the program, Ambassadors will be better equipped:  

  • Engage in discussions and decisions about climate change and environmental justice 
  • Know how to assess the importance and impact of various climate actions within the city 
  • Engage in City-led climate programs and projects 
  • Inspire, motivate, and encourage other residents to take action 

Who Can Become an Ambassador?  

Ambassadors are selected through an application process. Any resident of Somerville – 16 years and older – is welcome to apply. No prior knowledge about climate change is required. The 2023 program will be for a small group of about 25 Somerville residents. 

2023 Ambassadors will receive a $400 stipend for participating in program. Dinner will be provided for in-person meetings.   

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be interactive include both in-person meetings and webinars. Meetings will not be offered in a hybrid format. In-person meetings will be primarily dedicated to small group discussions, activities, and project work. 

Overview of 2023 Program Curriculum 


Type of Meeting 


February 9th 


Welcome, introductions, expectations 

February 16th 


Climate Change: global and local implications  

March 16th 


Introduction to Environmental Justice 

March 23rd  


Incorporating Environmental Justice and Equity in the Somerville Climate Forward (SCF) update 

April 6th 


SCF Update 

April 13th 


Introduction to projects 

May 11th 


Environmental Communications 

May 18th 


World Climate Simulation and time to work on projects 

June 8th 


Project presentations and celebration! 

June 15th 


Debrief and how to stay engaged 

This program will be shaped in part by the Ambassadors and their interests and concerns. 

Participant Expectations 

Ambassadors will... 

  • Participate in the full process: all ten meetings, including the public celebration. 
  • Engage in respectful group conversations. 
  • Do one hour or less of homework between meetings. 
  • Do one activity of their choosing in Somerville related to a Somerville Climate Forward Action Area. This could be holding a small group discussion with neighbors, doing an art project, writing a blog post, engaging in volunteer work, engaging on a policy topic, or any other related project. It could be done collectively. 
  • Present final projects and participate in the public celebration. 2023 projects will have the unique opportunity to coordinate with the City’s climate action plan update, Somerville Climate Forward. 


Ambassador Projects

To complete the Climate Forward Ambassadors program, participants complete a project focused on taking action on the climate crisis in their own lives and communities. The 2023 Ambassador projects will have the special opportunity to coordinate directly with the Somerville Climate Forward update. Participants are encouraged to pursue a project that allows them to explore a climate topic that they are interested in learning more about and to engage with others to spread awareness and interest in climate action. Projects have ranged from engaging family and friends in a climate conversation to creating art about climate change, to doing a mini-research project.  

Here are some examples of creative projects that Ambassadors have developed: 

Family wearing bike helmets and Halloween costumes

Sarah Connolly brought together a group of families to learn about biking safely with kids and to encourage her friends to try it out. 

Smiling SHS student holds up outreach material

Britney Flores talked to her family and fellow Somerville High School students about what sustainable changes they could make in their lives. 

SHS student stands next to her crochet project, showing colorful temperature changes over time

Kelly Lockhart crocheted a visual display of local average annual temperatures to show how the local climate has warmed over time.


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