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Below are the official, recounted totals of the November 2, 2021 election.

Recount FAQ

A recount petition was filed by the campaign of William ‘B’ Tauro, a write-in candidate for Mayor of Somerville. In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, a hand count of paper ballots was conducted for the mayoral race.

The Somerville Elections Department notified the public and the mayoral campaigns that a recount would take place in the Council Chambers of Somerville City Hall beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2021. The event was open to any members of the public or campaign staff who wished to attend.

No, Katjana Ballantyne remains the winner of the mayoral race with 10,032 votes (55.05%). Will Mbah received 6,737 votes (36.96%). Write-in candidates accounted for 1,321 votes (7.25%). 135 votes (0.74%) were blank.

The unofficial totals that are released on election night do not include absentee or early voting ballots that were received too late on election day to go to the polls. Those ballots are tabulated in the days following the election and added to the official totals. In the case of a hand recount, there are instances where votes that would not typically count, but are added following review by election officials. For example, a voter who intended to vote for a write-in candidate using a sticker may have placed the sticker in the wrong place, or not filled in the circle to indicate a write-in vote. Such a vote may not be counted by the voting machines or poll workers on election night, but may be accepted upon review by election officials. Massachusetts General Laws Section 109A states that voter intent shall be the standard during the counting of votes during an audit. 

The number of ballots counted by voting machines was 18,230, but during the recount, the number of ballots counted by hand was 5 fewer. There are many scenarios where human or machine error may cause this mismatch, but all ballots that were cast were counted during the recount process.

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