About the Recreation Commission

The Somerville Recreation Commission operates year-round programs throughout the City’s public facilities, playgrounds, schoolyards, and various other locations, offering a variety of athletic and educational programs to residents of Somerville. The Commission’s youth program was added to the department in 2003, specifically designed to create curriculum that encourages community awareness in the City’s young people. The Commission serves as a youth advocate, providing access to related services, employers, and organizations within the City.

Throughout the year, the Recreation Commission also conducts singular events such as adult & youth league all-star games, summer sports camps, cribbage league & tournament, fun walks and various group parties, trips, and outings. Many Recreation Commission program participants can trace every stage of their lives through the activities offered by the "Rec."

We welcome the participation of persons with disabilities in our programs. Please let us know if you need any accommodations in order to participate.

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  • John Teves
  • Richard Liberatore
  • Anthony Alibrandi
  • Ellen Fabiano McPherson
  • Natalie Vieira
  • Linda Ingersol
  • Karen Goodridge

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