About Somerville Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee

The Somerville Pedestrian & Transit Advisory Committee is an advisory group appointed by the Mayor. The Committee works alongside City staff to improve conditions for pedestrian and transit riders in the City, promote walking and taking transit as a means of transportation, and support and guide city policies and plans to create a more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable built environment for walking and taking transit.

The committees activities also includes reviewing and making recommendations on city plans for street reconstruction, assessment major development projects impact on walking and transit, participating in and planning public events, creating outreach materials to encourage walking and transit riding in the city, and working with other pedestrian and transit organizations at the local, state, and national level.

  • Members

  • Agendas & MInutes

Community Representatives

  • Ted Alexander
  • Ginny Alverson
  • Jessica Bellow
  • Emma Blaxter
  • Georgy Cohen
  • Laura Evans
  • Jessica Ferguson
  • Rauvin Johl
  • Paola Massoli
  • Audrey Orenstein
  • Vitor Pamplona
  • Zach Rosenberg
  • Julia Toof
  • Emily Vides


  • Katjana Ballantyne, City Council
  • Justin Schreiber, OSPCD Mobility Division