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More Ways to Stay Informed

The City Newsfeed is just one way to stay in touch with what's going on in the City of Somerville. You can also:

Mayor Ballantyne Inviting Somerville Community to Spring Civic Day Celebration

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne invites community members to attend the city’s spring Civic Day celebration on Saturday, April 27, from noon to 4 p.m. at City Hall (93 Highland Ave.) and on the City Hall concourse. Civic Day aims to provide community members of all ages with fun, interactive opportunities to learn about City government, programs, services, and ways to get involved. Currently planned activities include lawn games, face painting, trivia, City Hall scavenger hunts, and exploring a…

Somerville Street Sweeping Resumes Monday, April 1

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne and the Somerville Parking Department are reminding all residents that regular street sweeping schedules officially resume Monday, April 1, and will continue through December 31, 2024.    Somerville's street cleaning program is an essential public works program that not only keeps our city cleaner but also reduces the risk of flooding and icing due to clogged storm drains.  Residents and community members can check street signs to know when parking is…

Mayor Ballantyne Announces Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program

Today, Mayor Katjana Ballantyne joins more than 100 mayors from across the country as part of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI), a coalition of mayors who establish and advocate for local and national guaranteed income programs. Guaranteed income programs provide unrestricted cash payments directly to vulnerable residents to create greater financial stability for those most in need. Somerville’s program goes beyond that general goal; it also specifically aims to support housing…

Mayor Ballantyne Introduces Innovative Municipal Housing Voucher Program

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne announced today the City of Somerville's Office of Housing Stability’s (OHS) new Municipal Voucher Program that targets needed local support to families historically underserved by broader government housing programs. “We know that families in need of housing help are falling through the gaps, and our new voucher program will help Somerville families that need it most secure stable, local, housing so they can continue to thrive here,” said Mayor Katjana Ballantyne. “Our…

New Somerville School Building Committee Seeking Members

Are you interested in helping to provide technical and fiscal oversight for Somerville’s next school construction project? Apply to join the Somerville School Building Committee by the deadline on Friday, April 5, 2024.  Based on the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)’s recent vote to invite Somerville into their funding program, our next school construction project will address the school building needs of the Winter Hill Community Innovation School and potentially the…

Somerville Board of Health Updating Tobacco and Nicotine Regulations

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne is announcing that the Somerville Board of Health recently tightened two key regulations for tobacco/nicotine retail sales in Somerville. As of March 1, 2024, the cap on the number of tobacco/nicotine retail licenses within Somerville will progressively decline. Each time a permit is surrendered, revoked, or not renewed, the cap will be adjusted downward. Additionally, all retailers will now be required to verify the age of every purchaser of tobacco/nicotine…

Interim Paving and Streetscape Planning for Highland Avenue

To help community members stay informed on planned work for Highland Avenue, the City of Somerville is sharing important information regarding the current timeline for utility work, upcoming interim paving, and the streetscape redesign process.  Mayor Katjana Ballantyne’s fiscal year 2024 budget, approved by the City Council in June, allocates $375,000 for interim paving of eastern Highland Avenue from Central Street to McGrath Highway. This stretch is one of Somerville’s most traveled…

Mayor Ballantyne's Testimony for H.4138, The Affordable Homes Act

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Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Somerville Opening Overnight Warming Center to Serve Community for 2024 Winter Season

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne, the City of Somerville’s Health and Human Services Office, and Housing Families, are announcing the opening of an overnight warming center for the remainder of the winter 2024 season. Starting tonight, January 8, the warming center will operate seven nights a week from 6:45 p.m. to 7 a.m., on the second floor of the Armory (191 Highland Ave). The center is scheduled to conclude operations on Sunday, March 24, 2024.  “The opening of our overnight warming center…

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