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Powder House Community School Site Park

As part of the disposition and redevelopment of the Powder House Community School site, the developer of the site, MarKa, and the City of Somerville have partnered to create a new City park. Please find project updates, including community meeting presentations featuring the development of park design, on their website here.

Powder House School Park Renovation Complete and Open to the Public
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Friday, January 15, 2021

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne, Community Preservation Committee Vice Chair Heather Heimarck, and MarKa, LLC, developer Sebastian Mariscal welcome you to the ribbon cutting ceremony of the renovated Powder House Community School Site Park.
After a robust community process, the paved play yard of the Powder House Community School has been transformed into a vegetated, urban oasis.  Design and construction was carried out through a public-private partnership with Somerville based development group, MarKa, and Somerville based Landscape Architects, GroundView, owned by residents Eden Dutcher and Will Martin.  The Community Preservation Committee awarded $122,000 towards the construction of the park project. The park includes: the restoration of the neighborhood path between Holland and Broadway; the City’s first public bike repair station; planted with a significant number of native plants including 16 new trees; reused building materials from the school to make park seating and a small amphitheater; and will add a little over ½ acre of usable public space.

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