Meghann Ackerman
Social Media and Community Engagement Specialist


Monday - Wednesday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


(617) 625-6600  ext 2120


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About the ResiStat Program

The ResiStat program is Somerville's effort to bring data-driven discussions and decision-making to residents. It strives to promote civic engagement with online tools – including a weekly email newsletter – and regular community meetings.

The goal of ResiStat is to connect residents from all backgrounds to City Hall, providing valuable information to residents and using their feedback to improve city services.

ResiStat community meetings take place twice a year in each of Somerville’s seven wards. They usually occur in spring and fall. At these meetings, residents meet the mayor, their local aldermen and key City officials, such as police district commanders. Residents learn about important data underpinning decision-making in Somerville. This often includes budget projections, crime statistics, economic development figures and other relevant information. Each meeting begins with informal meet-and-greets and refreshments. You can find out which ward and precinct you live in with the MySomerville address lookup tool.

The weekly ResiStat email newsletter informs residents about important City news, events, and information. We encourage residents to sign up for the newsletter below.

We also encourage residents to visit the Somerville Data Farm online portal, where you can find daily updates about things like 311 calls and police incidents. The Data Farm also includes a number of raw datasets. We invite residents to dive into this data and share any insights with City Hall.

  • ResiStat Newsletter

  • Meetings & Presentations

  • Mayor in My Back Yard (MIMBY)

Sign Up for the ResiStat Newsletter

Once a week, you'll receive a brief update on City events, news, services, and opportunities to get involved - as well as invitations to community meetings with Mayor Curtatone and your aldermen.

ResiStat community meetings happen twice a year in each of Somerville’s seven wards. They usually occur in spring and fall. Meetings are posted to Somerville’s events calendar. Find your ward and precinct number by using the MySomerville address lookup tool. You can also learn about ResiStat meetings by signing up for the ResiStat newsletter, contacting Somerville’s 311 Service Center and following the City of Somerville on Facebook and Twitter.

Fall 2017 Ward Meeting Presentations

Spring 2017 Ward Meeting Presentations

Mayor Joe Curtatone would like to visit your house, apartment, backyard, deck, or patio if you’ll have him. Whether you have a policy question, thoughts on an issue facing Somerville, or just want to chat he'd love to hear from you. As innovative and creative as Somerville is, we haven't figured out cloning yet so there are currently three MIMBY dates available, but we do hope to have more available in the future. If you're interested in hosting, please share your information at the link below.