About the Traffic Board

The Traffic Board serves to hear appeals to Traffic Commission decisions. The Traffic Board consists of three persons, one appointed by the Mayor, one appointed by the City Council, and one voted on by the other members. If the Traffic Board receives a petition relative to a rule or regulation approved by the Traffic Commission, the Traffic Board will host a public hearing and determine by majority vote whether to avoid or affirm the adoption, alteration or repeal of the rule or regulation.   

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Traffic Board members are volunteers who live in Somerville:

  • Arah Schuur, Chair
  • Alex Epstein
  • Joan Liu

Filing a Petition

A petition of a Traffic Commission proposal or decision must include the names, addresses, and signatures of a minimum of 50 registered voters of the city.  

Residents can submit the petition to the Parking Department in person at 133 Holland Street or scan a copy and send by email to traffic@somervillema.gov. The petition will then be reviewed and certified by the City’s Elections office.  

The Traffic Board will host a public hearing within two weeks of the petition being certified and shall determine by majority vote whether to avoid the adoption, alteration or repeal of the rule or regulation. 

To be notified directly of a public hearing, please leave a main point of contact with a phone number and email address. The Traffic Board staff liaison will notify you when a public hearing is scheduled. 

Public Hearing Rules and Regulations 

Approved at the Traffic Board Meeting on October 19, 2021 

Pursuant to Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021, public hearings will be conducted virtually. The rules and regulations to be used during a virtual public hearing are as follows.  

  • All attendees will be muted at the beginning of the public hearing.  
  • Only one person will be allowed to speak at any given time. The Chair will take speakers off mute individually when they are called on.  
  • Members of the public may request to provide testimony by raising their hand using the raise hand function in the video conferencing platform. The Chair and/or City staff will share instructions on how to use the raise hand function at the beginning of the hearing and throughout the meeting. The Chair will then call on members of the public in the order that they appear.  
  • Members of the public, when speaking, are requested to state for the record their name, address, and the name of any organization they represent, if applicable.  
  • Members of the public are requested to speak directly and clearly, due to the fact that these proceedings are being recorded.  
  • Statements from the public are limited to 2 minutes each. The Chair reserves the right to interrupt comments that extend beyond 2 minutes in order to afford everyone an opportunity to provide testimony.   
  • Project proponents will be asked to provide a presentation with background information to inform the Traffic Board and members of the public.  
  • After all speakers in the queue have completed their testimony, the Chair will ask whether there are any members of the public who have not yet provided testimony who wish to.  
  • Written testimony can be sent by email to transportation@somervillema.gov or by mail to: Mobility Division, ATTN: Hearing, 93 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143.  
  • Written testimony must be received by 4 p.m. of the day of the public hearing. All public and written comments received will be included in the board’s consideration. The board will determine by majority vote whether to avoid or affirm the adoption, alteration, or repeal of the rule or regulation.